Choosing The Perfect Candle for Mom

The candles we offer ensure there is a scent to suit almost every mom. They’re a perfect choice for burning in the living area while relaxing in the evening.

Alternatively, you could settle down and light one when enjoying a calming bath. A candle is a perfect way of showing your mom how much she means, and it is also a great gift to give alongside the promise of a relaxing night to unwind in peace.


Other fragrances you may want to consider for Mother's Day include lily, which is the Chinese symbol for motherhood and the gentle scent of the carnation is also popular. Returning back to the first Mother’s Day, Anna Jarvis was said to have sent 500 carnations to her local church for the mothers attending the ceremony.


However, you choose to celebrate Mother’s Day, all moms deserve a treat and a little bit of recognition. Candles are both a thoughtful and long-lasting gift which is an opportunity to show your mom or grandma exactly how much she means. Spend a little time choosing the right gift and you can be sure she’ll appreciate the sentiment.

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