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Best Candles for Mother’s Day

This year Mother’s Day falls on 12th May and it’s a chance to celebrate and enjoy time with our moms, stepmoms, grandmas and anyone we consider like a mother. The celebration is a chance to give moms a break, a time to commemorate and remember mothers who are no longer with us and simply recognize how important our moms really are. A key part of celebrating Mother’s Day has always been showing our moms how much we love them with the perfect gift. Flowers may be traditional but opting for something more long-lasting and thoughtful like a candle can be an even more meaningful way of showing your mom how much you care. Here we’re looking at some of the best candles to choose from for Mother’s Day and why you should consider opting for long-lasting, eco-friendly soy candles rather than the more traditional kind. First, let’s look more closely at the tradition of Mother’s Day.


Our current Mother’s Day celebrations all began in 1908 in West Virginia. Anna Jarvis organized a memorial service for her own mother, Ann Jarvis, a peace activist who had cared for the wounded soldiers during the Civil War. The service took place at St Andrew’s Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia. The town is still home to the International Mother’s Day Shrine which is both a National Historic Place and a National Historic Landmark.

Anna Jarvis spent several years trying to organize the memorial after her mother’s death in 1905 but her aim was always a celebration to honor all mothers around the world, especially those who had done considerable work and given so much to their families and communities. By 1911, Jarvis’ efforts were mainly realized, as most States began celebrating Mother’s Day by this time. Mother’s Day officially became a national holiday in 1914. The Second Sunday of May is officially when the occasion is celebrated every year after President Woodrow Wilson signed the proclamation back in 1914. Celebrating Mother’s Day is a tradition around the world too, with many nations choosing to use the US date as theirs too.

Everyone should take the time to appreciate what their mom has done for them and Mother’s Day is just one occasion where we can show them. Through gifts, cards and sentiments, Mother’s Day can be a real chance for moms to get the recognition they deserve.


Candles are a popular choice as a Mother’s Day gift. Especially those with a memorable fragrance and beautiful appearance which can blend in well in different spaces in her home. While there is a huge array of different candles to choose from, we’d urge you consider switching to soy for your Mother’s Day candles this year. Not only are you opting for something more environmentally friendly, you get a better burn time and soy has fantastic properties for maintaining fragrances. Let’s look a little closer at why you should choose soy candles this Mother’s Day.

    1. Renewable and Biodegradable:We have previously discussed the dangers of paraffin and with no paraffin in sight, soy candles are a safe and natural alternative to traditional candles. They also benefit from being renewable and biodegradable, much more sustainable than the alternatives. Buying soy wax products also means you are supporting farmers producing the soybeans used to make the products.
    2. Easy to Clean:Soy candles do not leave unsightly and difficult-to-clean black soot on mom’s surfaces. Black soot can be a health hazard as well as dirty so it’s definitely best avoided. What’s more, soy wax is very easy to clean up and remove. Usually you need nothing more than warm, soapy water to mop up any spillages from a soy wax candle.
    3. Extended Burn Time:You may be thinking that soy candles are expensive when looking at prices compared to standard candles, but there are benefits to this. The average soy candle has a much longer burn time than alternatives on the market. It burns at a lower temperature than paraffin candles and should burn for many more hours on this basis.

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