How to Make Your Wedding Unforgettable With Roses That Last

  1. Decide on your color theme. Start by deciding on the main theme you wish to have for your wedding and use your theme color or colors throughout. From invitations to the bridesmaid dresses to the event décor and party favors – whether it’s your favorite color or the meaning of the color itself, this will unify everything that has to do with the event.
  2. Take it personally. Select your wedding rose for based on your own memories. Did you grow up loving a particular rose? Did your fiance often gift you with specific colored roses? Or perhaps the color itself means something to you. Make this count as an extra element that you can look back on fondly.
  3. Go real. Nothing ruins a wedding more than resorting to artificial blooms. Real roses go a long way in expressing the romance and importance of the occasion. Eternal Roses New York are beautiful, real roses with an appealing subtle scent that lends dazzle to any occasion.
  4. Be consistent. Using the same roses from the bachelorette party to the reception will establish a consistency in the minds of the guests that will make everything they experience with you all the more memorable.
  5. Don’t be afraid to mix and match. If you have two or more colors, Eternal Roses New York can mix the two colors in one centerpiece or you can use alternating colors from table to table. With all the color choices available, we’ve got you covered.
  6. Think outside the vase. Don’t stick to the usual vases. Eternal Roses New York has various arrangements from unique table centerpieces to specialty boxes that can serve as bridesmaid gifts or a memento to all the wedding guests.
  7. Make the cost worth it. Whatever your budget range, Eternal Roses New York has an array of choices for different parts of your wedding. And because it lasts three years without any maintenance, you and your guests can keep these flowers as home décor and remember your wedding with love.
  8. Improvise added touches. You can always add your own touch to the décor. Think feathers, ribbons, seashells, branches, wheat grass, and even candy or fruits. Give your personal touch to make this your special day.
  9. Go green. Consider adding touches of green with unusual textures and shapes. This will complement the roses and will extend your décor for less money.

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