Mother's Day busy parents tips

Romancing on the couch

[Screeeeeech!] Seriously? Not a chance! Parents may read about visions like this in romance novels once every fourth leap year, but the reality is, romance for busy parents like ourselves today is a bit different. Make the most out of what really matters and show your love as real parents do.

Use technology
In the day of the smartphone, webcams and computers, there is no reason why you can’t learn to text, video message or email your spouse every now and then. It doesn’t have to be long or sappy; just send a quick message to say you’re thinking about him, or to wish him luck with his daily work load. You probably don’t have time for much else...realistically speaking

Get a sitter
Enough said. Real parents appreciate the neighborhood teenagers who can drop by every now and then to give them one precious hour of uninterrupted conversation.

Rent a video and order in
Sure it’s not a novel idea, but frugal, budget-conscious families across the country are hitting neflix  and ordering up takeout instead of blowing four times as much on an expensive dinner in a fancy restaurant. The time spent together enjoying each other in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere makes it easy to reserve the extravagant nights for extra-special occasions and other obligations.

Hand over the remote
While this may not seem romantic on the outside, the gesture of allowing your spouse that opportunity to choose what he wants to watch on TV has “love” written all over it. You may even be surprised when your spouse is touched enough by this selfless act of yours to insist that you watch what you want. (If you don’t think this is romantic, then consider it a tip on how to use reverse psychology.)

Make a scavenger hunt out of your honey-do list
Romance, creativity and efficiency rolled up into one! If the first item on the list includes painting the wall in the dining room, then make a trail that leads to the paint brush. After that, it’s time to wash the car, so recreate a path to the soap and water bucket that lays waiting. At each interval, make it a point to stop at a destination near you for a peck on the cheek, a big hug or a hot cup of coffee served just how he likes it.

Romance doesn’t die when you become a parent; you just have to come out of the fairytale and get real by using what you have and, above all, appreciating each other...after all, that is all you really have...