Stress Management with Eternal Roses

Roses DO affect your mood.

Studies have shown that flowers/roses do in fact affect your mood. As per a study done in 2007 at Rutgers University, the connection between flowers and life satisfaction was explored and the results showed that roses and flowers are a natural and healthful moderator of moods.

These days we may feel overwhelmed or anxious and it is important to keep ourselves healthy AND happy. If you have tried many things to change your mood and haven't gotten anywhere, you should try a mood changing box of preserved roses from Eternal Roses® that you can look at in your home or office for up to three years to constantly remind you that there is beauty in the world. We can in fact do different things to change our attitudes by just changing things in our social living environment. As working women, mothers, and humans, our team at Eternal Roses® want to seek out ways that we can help ourselves, as well as trying help others manage their stress and mood in this involuntary wild roller coaster ride that we have all been on the last few months. The world has gone into a collective social isolation and we are all trying to manage balancing work, our homes, families, and other daily life stresses. It’s harder than ever to not let the stress reside in our mind and body throughout the day.

So, my advice to you is to make your living environment more of stress-free Zen zone by incorporating Eternal Roses® into your life. Working in your new “normal” work station at the dining room table? Place a beautiful Tiffany Centerpiece Eternal Roses® Arrangement to add simplicity and beauty for those couple of seconds that you glance away from the laptop. Sleeping in more often? Awake in bed at night? Add a beautiful Eternal Roses® Nolita Gift Box to your end table that will greet you when you wake up with luxurious feel. Do you know a friend who needs a pick me up these days? Send them an Eternal Roses® Mini Tiffany Eternal Luxury Rose for a reminder that there are beautiful brighter days ahead and to keep moving forward.

However you chose to deal with your stress, you should know that it is a proven fact that roses have a long-term positive effect on your mood. Roses make intimate connections. There is no better way to fulfill that connection AND long-term positivity than with a centerpiece or box from Eternal Roses® that will last for up to three years!

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