Preserved Roses and The Meaning of Mother's Day Flowers

Walk into a flower shop this time of year and you'll be surrounded by a riot of color. Picking out the perfect bouquet for mom when so many stunning options are in bloom can be tough, but knowing the meaning of different Mother's Day flowers can help you put together a gorgeous arrangement.

The majority are most familiar with the language of flowers that was formalized in the Victorian age. In those days, the tulip represented passion, while yellow carnations could represent "disdain" for an unwanted suitor, according to the Smithsonian Gardens (the Victorian age actually sounds a lot wilder than I was always led to believe). Those meanings have obviously changed quite a bit (as has the fact that women have a lot more options for declining dates they're not interested in). There's a whole new "contemporary language of flowers" to consider when you're choosing an arrangement, making some way more appropriate than others.

Roses are the go-to flower for romance!  which is not the message you want to send your mom. Roses are stunningly beautiful, however, so they're still a great choice as long as you pay attention to the colors. "Skip the red roses... and explore the over 25+color we currently feature on our site. You could go with pink roses to represent admiration, according to, or choose a bouquet of purple roses — the color of royalty shows your mom that she's a queen.