6 Reasons Why Preserved Roses are Better Than Fresh Flowers

6 Reasons Why Preserved Roses are Better Than Fresh Flowers

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People have been giving roses as gifts and using fresh flowers to celebrate special occasions for centuries. Whether at a wedding, a graduation, or on a holiday, chances are you’ve given or received roses at some point in your life. After all, roses are a classic gift and a great way to show someone you love just how much you care.

But one of the downsides of decorating with fresh roses is that they don’t last long and must be regularly replaced, which can quickly become costly, as well as wasteful and not environmentally friendly.

Preserved roses, however, offer an economical and ecological way to decorate your home with the color and fragrance of fresh roses without any of the hassle of upkeep. They also make a great gift that the recipient can keep for months or even years to come!

Check out these six reasons why preserved roses are an awesome gift or a great addition to your home décor.

Preserved roses are long-lasting

Let’s face it: fresh flowers don’t last long. You can water them and keep them in the sunlight, but most fresh roses will lose their color and fragrance in a matter of days. In many cases, you even have to keep flower arrangements trimmed or pruned. Plus, you will have to keep buying flowers if you want them to consistently decorate and brighten your home.

Our eternal roses don’t require maintenance

As beautiful as fresh flowers look, they require a lot of upkeep. You have to make sure they get plenty of water and sunlight, which can be a hassle if you have a busy schedule. With more elaborate arrangements, you may even have to trim them regularly to keep them looking neat. And even with all that work, you’ll still have to replace your flowers every week or even every few days to keep your décor looking fresh.

Preserved roses, on the other hand, don’t need sunlight or watering. Even without any maintenance, these flowers will look fresh and colorful for months. Simply set them wherever you want in your home and leave them. That’s it! All the beauty of fresh roses without the upkeep—perfect for the busy rose lover.

They’re roses that last, which is cost-effective

Fresh roses can be expensive, especially if you want to keep them in your home consistently. They have to be replaced frequently and require constant care, which can add up quickly. If you’re living on a budget but still love fresh flowers, you may not be able to afford to keep them in your home.

Preserved roses are a much more cost-effective investment that allows you to brighten up your home without having to purchase fresh flowers every week or two. In fact, our preserved roses last up to three years! Imagine the money and time you can save by investing in preserved roses. You can still have beautiful flowers adding color and atmosphere to your home without worrying about the cost of regularly replacing them.

They’re environmentally friendly

Preserved roses are better for the environment than fresh flowers, not only because they last longer, but also because they use less energy to store and transport. Fresh roses look beautiful, but they have to be replaced every week, and the demand for fresh flowers takes a significant toll on the environment.

Instead, consider going greener with preserved roses! Just like fresh roses, preserved roses are real flowers grown in soil, but they have gone through a preservation process to make them long-lasting, resulting in less of an effect on the environment.

They brighten any room

Fresh roses go with any décor, and preserved roses are no different! Centerpieces especially make a great addition to any home or office. The color adds interest to your decor, and the chic centerpiece bowl is designed to fit perfectly with any color palette.

Fresh flowers are a timeless decor option, but they fade quickly and have to be replaced. Preserved roses however offer the same classic look without all the work. Whether you want to brighten up your kitchen, dining room, or bedroom, preserved roses are the perfect elegant touch to your home décor.

They’re the perfect gift

Roses are a timeless and romantic gift, and what’s more romantic than roses that last for up to three years? Instead of giving your significant other fresh flowers that will quickly fade, consider a gift of preserved roses.

Our roses are available in a variety of colors and arrangements, allowing you to customize the perfect gift for that special someone or for anyone in your life. Roses are a wonderful way to show a friend or family member just how much you care for and appreciate them and an excellent way to recognize someone’s achievements, like graduating from college or getting the job of their dreams!

Whether for a birthday, an anniversary, or a holiday like Valentine’s Day, preserved roses are a gift that keeps on giving!

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