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Wedding Bells , Bridesmaids Gifts & Eternal Roses

Wedding Bells , Bridesmaids Gifts & Eternal Roses

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     With wedding season on it's way lets talk party favors & gifts for bridesmaids and more! 

Traditions of having bridesmaids goes way back to Ancient Roman times! Law at the time required for 10 witnesses at the wedding. This is thought to be the origin of the bridal party! 

When it comes to the history of bridesmaids, some stories say that brides were escorted to the wedding by their own servants; The brides’ maids. In biblical times, bridesmaids were actually domestic workers who catered to the bride’s every need during the wedding day. Nowadays, while bridesmaids still aid the bride before and during the wedding, they are chosen because of their relationship with the bride, not because they work for her!

Back in the day, bouquets were less about color and style and more about function and superstition. Bridesmaids carried fragrant herbs to ward off evil. Later on, inspired by Queen Victoria who carried a small bouquet of her favorite flowers on her big day, brides and bridesmaids started carrying floral bouquets. As we know, tossing of the bouquet might be a tradition that some bridesmaids dread, you might be surprised to learn about its origins! Brides used to throw shoes at the crowd of bridesmaids!  

Lots have changed over the years in terms of how we celebrate weddings. One thing is certain though, you want your special day to live on long after the ceremony! Party favors will ensure that your guest remember your special union long after the celebration


Liberty Eternal Rose Gift Box

The cylindrical gift box holds a single, unique, preserved rose. This handcrafted, single forever rose is the perfect rose gift box for a friend, bridesmaids' gifts, birthdays and more. All of our real roses are natural and their sizes may vary. Our lasting roses radiate beauty for up to three years. Express your love and affection with a single rose online delivery. Choose from the widest colors right from beautiful yellow roses , blue roses or red roses and more delivered at your doorstep. Our best-selling item, this single lasting rose is perfect for display in a home or office and makes a thoughtful and touching gift.

Box measures 2" x 4"

Do not water rose, handle with care

Do not expose to direct sunlight, excessive heat, or dust

All our roses smell like fresh roses

All gifts come with care instructions