Tips For Decorating With Long Lasting Roses

Tips For Decorating With Long Lasting Roses

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There is nothing more classic and luxurious than decorating your home with long lasting roses. Whether you’re hosting a fancy dinner party, celebrating a loved one’s birthday, or just relaxing and enjoying your home, luxury roses can make your space even more special. And while fresh flowers wilt and die within a week or two, an Eternal Roses preserved rose can last up to three years. You don’t have to deal with watering or trips to the store for fresh blooms, because a lasting rose will radiate beauty for years.

In today’s blog, our rose experts will be sharing our tips for decorating with these eternal roses. Because they last so much longer than fresh flowers, you can move them throughout your home for different events. Or, if you’ve fallen in love with the ease and beauty of preserved real roses, you can collect multiple arrangements and place them around your home and office. However you choose to use your luxury roses, we’re confident that you will be impressed by their high- quality craftsmanship. Read on to learn home decor tips, then browse our collections and order your rose gift box or rose centerpiece today!

Rose Centerpieces

When people think of rose centerpieces, it is usually at a large event, like a wedding reception. There’s nothing quite like walking into an event hall in a beautiful dress and seeing the tables dressed with candles and roses. A rose centerpiece can elevate a table in a way nothing else can. Whether you choose a classic deep red, or go for something more unique like gold or blue, rose centerpieces are sure to impress.

 And while you can order enough rose centerpieces to put one on each of your tables at a wedding reception, you can also bring one into your home and make every night feel special. Our Eternal Roses® luxury rose centerpieces come in a variety of colors and are arranged within an intricate ceramic bowl trimmed with gold. And because they are preserved real roses, they can last up to three years.

 We suggest placing your rose centerpiece in the middle of a table runner, with candles or twinkle lights arranged around the flowers. A rose centerpiece looks best when the entire table is decorated, so be sure to use your best dishes, glassware, and silverware to complement the luxury roses. Another great feature of our roses is that you can choose from a variety of colors, so if you have a particular color scheme for your event or space, you can choose the color that works for you.   


Circular Centerpieces with long lasting roses


Places to Display Your Long Lasting Roses

You truly can place your luxury rose arrangement anywhere! Check out our gallery to see where our roses and rose gift boxes have been arranged before. And use this list of potential arrangement locations for inspiration:

  • Console table - place your lasting roses behind a couch or along a wall.
  • Dining room table - a classic choice. Our rose centerpieces look gorgeous between tapered candles at a dinner party.
  • Office desk - luxury roses don’t have to only be used in the home! A small rose gift box is a great way to bring something beautiful into your work-space.
  • Bedroom -our lasting roses have a slight scent, so you can fall asleep smelling the roses. 


Space Out Your Arrangements

Here at Eternal Roses®, we believe that one luxury rose gift box just isn’t enough! Once you see the lasting beauty of our handcrafted roses, we’re confident that you’ll want to order an arrangement for every room in your house. 


If you’re putting multiple arrangements in a single room or on a long table for a special event, you’ll need to take spacing into account. While there is definitely a time and place for a big bold rose centerpiece, you should also consider spacing smaller arrangements, like several single rose gift boxes, around the room for an understated look. Each lasting rose will feel like a small surprise and you can use multiple colors to achieve the feel you’re looking for.


Eternal Roses® Luxury Roses

Our preserved real roses maintain their natural, elegant beauty for up to three years if given the proper care. You never need to water them — in fact you shouldn’t! Our roses are cut at full bloom and preserved with care. They are perfect as a gift or for decorating your home. Browse our luxury rose gift boxes, explore our rose centerpieces, and contact us if you have any questions or concerns! 

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