Eternal Rose  Colors Which One Delivers the Right Message

Eternal Rose Colors Which One Delivers the Right Message

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Eternal Rose Colors Which One Delivers the Right Message


Every flower has a unique and amazing story to tell. While this is true, the rose stands apart thanks to its history and the wide array of colors available. With the Eternal Rose, you have even more options for color and meaning, than ever before.


If you are like most people, you want to ensure you are sending the right message. With the information here, you can feel confident you have selected the right Eternal Rose color and that your message will be clear. Keep reading to learn more about rose colors and how they can be the prefect gift for anyone in your life.  


Red Roses

The red rose is one of the most well-known symbols of love. Without this dramatic and bold bloom, Valentine’s Day would be non-existent.

As the ultimate symbol of enduring passion and romantic love, the red rose also conveys the creative spirit of love and respect. As a representation of a true love that’s stronger than thorns, the red rose is universally known as the “lover’s rose.”


White Roses

Often referred to as the bridal rose, the white rose represents innocence, purity, and humility. It’s also associated with young love. In Scotland, when the white rose was seen blooming in the autumn, it was a sign of early marriage.

Other meanings of the white rose include reverence and truth. It sends the message of loyalty, making it the perfect way to say you are worthy of another person.


Yellow Roses

In Victorian times, the yellow rose symbolized jealousy. However, today, it represents caring, joy, and above all friendship. Choosing the yellow rose is like sending affection, gladness, and warmth to someone important to you. It’s the perfect option for friends, family members, teachers, and more.


Pink Roses

The pink rose symbolizes refinement, elegance, femininity, and gentility. Depending on the hue of the pink rose, it also has other meanings.

Roses that are deeper pink conveys appreciation and gratitude. Paler shades connote happiness, admiration, gentleness, and grace.


Orange Roses

Vibrant and warm, orange roses are used for symbolizing desire and enthusiasm. If you are searching for a way to express attraction and admiration along with excitement and passion, these fiery colored blooms are the right option.


Purple and Lilac Roses

Considered mystical, purple and lilac roses have symbolism linked to desire, enhancement, and sometimes, even moving forward with caution. Many people believe lilac and purple roses send the message of “love at first sight.”


Multi-Colored Roses

Sometimes, you can send other messages with your roses. For example, if you combine yellow and red roses, this conveys happiness and gaiety. A mix of white and red roses shows unity. Try other combinations to see what message you can convey.


Selecting Eternal Roses

Eternal roses are unique and offer you a huge selection of colors. Choose the color that sends the right message to a friend, family member, co-worker or someone else. You’ll find Eternal roses are the perfect gift for any occasion and can be paired with chocolates to make your message clear.

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