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Eternal Roses and Bridesmaids Gifts

Eternal Roses and Bridesmaids Gifts

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Eternal Roses and Bridesmaids Gifts 

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Let's talk about BRIDESMAIDS...

With the world opening back up (yes, it's really opening!) and events back in full force, it's time to start getting back on track with your wedding plans. 

We hear these days that Bridesmaids boxes are all the rave. So add that on your already growing list of Bridal TO-DO's.... buying your bridesmaid gifts to thank them for being there with you on one of your most important days of your life.

The truth of the matter is, your wedding party has probably been with you since the beginning of time. It may consist of your sister, your cousins, your best friends. So why not give these special women a token of your love and appreciation for standing behind you for all these years and for standing beside you for years to come. After all, your bride tribe is basically your ride or dies!

We have seen a lot of ideas floating around the internet  for Bridesmaids gifts and we actually LOVE the idea of small boxes with champagne, and personalized flutes, along with other trinkets, like chocolates or keychains, etc., but why not take it a step further and elevate your gift to the next level of sophistication and class.

We think by adding an Eternal Rose to their box is a sure way to wow your bridesmaids and make them really know how much you appreciate them. Here are a few of our favorites that we think would be a perfect addition to your bridal party's gift box or gift to them on the day that you get married...

The Eternal Roses Party Favor...

Wow your bridesmaids by placing an Eternal Roses Party Favor in their Bridal Box as a token of your appreciation for that day. These favors are also good for any other occasion, such as a Wedding favor as well. These single, lasting roses come at an affordable price and add a touch of luxury to any event.

AND if you give ample time before your order, the ribbons on the favor can also be personalized. 

Eternal Roses Scented Petals...

Gift the girls some scented Rose Petals. They an fill spaces in their homes with the sweet aroma of roses, which will give them a constant reminder of your special day