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Eternal Roses and Easter Flowers

Eternal Roses and Easter Flowers

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Easter is a joyous holiday filled with hope, it encapsulates the essence of spring and new beginnings!

Flowers are the perfect gift or centerpiece idea for this time of year!

The day of bunnies, chocolate, and colored eggs is approaching fast! Many countries around the world celebrate Easter according to their own religious beliefs and traditions. Some colors associated with Easter are purple, red, white, black, pink, green, and gold. Easter flowers are therefore filled with vibrant hues that represent spring time too. 

These colors represent:

·         Purple: remembrance, royalty, and spiritual health

·         White: purity and grace

·         Red: joyful hope and new beginnings

·         Black: mourning and protection

·         Green: eternal life and rebirth

·         Gold: triumph and glory

Our orchid (purple), frost (white), scarlet (red), midnight (black), mojito (green), and gold roses are the perfect Easter gifts to show love and affection to family and friends. 

Easter Flowers & Easter Flower Arrangement by Eternal Roses New York

Madison Box °  Mini Chelsea Gift Box

Fun facts about Easter:

*70% of Easter candy purchased is chocolate

Egg dyes were once made from natural items such as tree bark, onion peels, juices, and flower petals and avocado pits

*  Easter is the second biggest candy holiday after Halloween

*The Easter Bunny legend began in Germany

*Egg painting started as a Ukrainian tradition 

 Easter is a great opportunity to set new intentions and goals. It's a time of renewal and rebirth! Bringing in flowers that last will keep spirits high even after the holiday is over. The beautiful Easter flower arrangements act as a nice home decorating element throughout the year. Beautiful roses with vibrant colors are that perfect addition to any space especially around Easter!





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