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Eternal Roses and Graduation Gifts for all

Eternal Roses and Graduation Gifts for all

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Eternal Roses and Graduation Gifts for all

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It's that time of the year!!!

We are leading up to warmer temps, and ushering in our GRADUATES!!!

Congratulations to the Cass of 2021! You made it through a very tough year of either remote learning, in-person learning with remote teaching, and/or home schooling!


Give yourself a pat on the back also. As a matter of fact, their should even be some sort of ceremony for getting though yet another year of chaos!!!

With graduation, comes the ceremonies and the parties!!! and now that we are on our way back to normal, a lot of schools will be holding outdoor ceremonies for families to attend. With that there will be a surge of search regarding graduation gifts

Also, with the weather warming up, you can count on many families holding graduation parties for their special graduates outdoors this year.

Normally, when we attend these ceremonies, or parties, we run to the florist and grab a beautiful fresh bouquet of flowers for our hard working student. WE love fresh floral arrangements. However what we DON'T like is the fact that fresh floral arrangements tend to have the life span of 5-7 days (we didn't make this up).

This brings us to our next point...why buy your special graduate something that will be in the garbage in a few days? When you can buy them something that will last for YEARS to remind them of all their hard work and dedication...and that is why WE LOVE ETERNAL ROSES even more than fresh floral arrangements, because our arrangements last for YEARS and also are in the same price range as luxury fresh floral arrangements. It's a no brainer! (again our opinion, and... usually we are right) 

We've compiled a list of our favorite Eternal Roses arrangements (under $100.00) for your Graduate this 2021....

 The Eternal Roses Astor Gift Box

Priced at $42.00, this is perfect gift box if you have MULTIPLE graduates that you need to gift this year.

A unique gift, displaying the astrological sign of the receiver in beautiful crystals.

Choose from two different color boxes (white or black), and your graduates favorite color Eternal Rose!

The Madison Single Rose Box

Another beautiful option for your 2021 Graduate is the sleek Madison Single Rose Gift Box priced at $97.00.

This Collection comes in various sizes, a single rose, a four rose, and a sixteen rose box (and soon a nine rose box) 

A beautiful clear acrylic box holding your graduates favorite color rose, or school color, of which they can take with them should they be dorming away this year!

Be Sure to visit our website for other options and CONGRATS TO ALL OUR GRADUATES!!!!!!

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