Eternal Roses and Libra Season

Eternal Roses and Libra Season

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Eternal Roses and Libra Season 

Fall equinox arrived on September 23rd, just in time to usher in Libra Season with Eternal Roses!

Libras characteristics:

for Loyal

I for Inquisitive 

for Balanced 

for Responsible 

for Altruistic 

The 7th astrological sign of the Zodiac, Libra's reign supreme from September 23 through October 22.

Libra, an air sign, is never afraid to try something new because they always know that things will pass, and that nothing is forever. Never stressing over difficult or impossible situations, they can navigate through all scenarios because of their charming communication skills. Libras have a very interesting character. Even though Libras can function on their own and are self-sustaining, they also love to be around many people and adapt very well to almost every atmosphere that they are in.

One of your best sellers here at Eternal Roses is the Astor Gift Box .

Our Zodiac-themed preserved roses each come in a custom-designed black textured box displaying the astrological sign's constellation using powerful crystalsPretty and powerful, crystals are a key accessory in helping one tune into their soul through energy.  A unique and thoughtful gift for any loved one, astrology fan, or star-obsessed friend. Our preserved roses last up to 3 years and will leave your loved one starstruck! Available in a variety of colors.

Those born under the Libra sign tend to be compassionate and strive for balance in their lives. Libras love to surround themselves with beautiful objects and often have a keen eye for design or Décor. They appreciate elegant and visually stunning gifts. So, when it comes to gifting your favorite Libra, the Astor Box is a for sure way to go. 


Also at Eternal Roses, we now have the Libra Astor Box & Necklace Bundle (which are currently on RUN don't walk over to our website to purchase) that include both a zodiac themed Eternal Rose, and a beautiful handmade Libra necklace, which are also available in every other Zodiac sign.  


Famous Celebrity Libras:

Kim Kardashian, Bruno Mars, Bella Thorne, Kate Winslet, Will Smith, Matt Damon, Bruce Springsteen, Barbara Walters, and one of our favorite A-list duos, Catherine Zeta Jones & Michael Douglas 


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