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Mother's Day Gifts 2021 And Eternal Roses

Mother's Day Gifts 2021 And Eternal Roses

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Eternal Roses and Mother's Day 2021 

Happy Mother's Day to All the Great Moms at Five Star Ford

Other than our busiest holiday of the year, here in the gifting industry, we are soon to be approaching our most FAVORITE holiday, the celebration of the women who are behind our existence… Mother’s Day.

Last year, Mother’s Day was extremely different than any other we have ever seen before, as we were at the beginning of the Global Pandemic, and we had to find creative ways to shower the important women in our lives from afar.  Some of us sent Mother’s Day Gifts & Gift Baskets through the mail or stood outside of window’s visiting with our mothers. Some of us made the best of what we had to show our gratitude to our mothers.

Whatever you did, we hope this year, Mother’s Day looks different then the last and that this year you can embrace your mamas with all your might and make up for lost time from last year.


Some fun facts about Mother’s Day:

-Anna Jarvis founded Mother’s Day in 1908 when she held a memorial for her mother at St. Andrew’s Methodist Church

-Anna did not want Mother’s Day to be made into an expensive gift day and fought for it to not turn into that. Obviously, she failed, as the holiday became highly commercialized.

3.    - Flowers are an ORIGINAL tradition of Mother’s Day. The white carnation, which was a favorite of Jarvis’s mother, as explained by Jarvis is set to be a symbol for mothers because the carnation “does not drop its petals, but hugs them to its heart as it dies, and so, too, mothers hug their children to their hearts, their mother love never dying.”

4.    -  69% of Americans will send mom flowers and 36% will plan to buy jewelry.

5.    -On average, American’s will spend $225.00 on their moms this year.


Which brings us to the favorite part of our blog…. MOTHER’S DAY GIFT IDEAS from Eternal Roses…

While we do not carry the classic carnation that Anna Jarvis stated as the official flower of Mother’s Day, we carry Eternal Roses, Roses that last for up to three years, requiring little to no care to show your everlasting love to your mum! Check out our Mother’s Day Specials and our top picks for your mama this year!  

Mother's Day Limited Edition Liberty Gift Box

Tiffany Sweetheart Gift Box

Eternal Roses® Blush Sweetheart Gift Box

Madison Single Rose Gift Box

Eternal Roses® Gift Box Madison Single Rose Gift Box - Valentine's Day Gift for Her

Mother's Day Lennox Gift Box Small

Eternal Roses® Mother's Day Lennox Gift Box Small

Lexington Small Forever Roses Gift Box

Eternal Roses® Gift Box Pink Martini Lexington Forever Roses Gift Box

Empire Gift Box - Large

Eternal Roses® Gift Box White / Blush Empire Gift Box - Large

Grand Chelsea Eternal Rose Gift Box

Lennox Grand Eternal Rose Gift Box

Eternal Roses® Gift Box Black / Pink Martini Lennox Grand Eternal Rose Gift Box - Best Gift for Valentine's Day

If you are having trouble finding the perfect gift for your mama, contact one of our specialists at 888-440-2255 for help on what to get that special woman this Mother's Day 2021!

Mother's Day Gifts

Check out this video where we have pulled in some best-selling Eternal Roses Floral Arrangements , which we feel stands a good chance as "Mother's Day Gifts". Subscribe the Channel for future launches and exciting news. 

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