Eternal Roses fun way to Decorate For New Years

Eternal Roses fun way to Decorate For New Years

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Eternal Roses fun way to Decorate For New Years

It’s only November, but we’re already looking forward to the biggest party of the year — New Year’s Eve! Our lasting eternal roses company is based in New York, so we can’t help but look forward to the glitz and glam of New Year’s. There’s nothing better than wearing a sparkling dress and raising a glass of champagne.  If you’re planning on throwing a New Year’s party, it’s not too early to start picking out decorations! In today’s blog, we’ll be sharing some tips and tricks for decorating for New Years, as well as how to incorporate plenty of luxury roses to add to the festivities. Continue reading to learn more and order your Eternal Roses® today!

Gold and Silver

Whether you’re going all out on your party decorations or keeping it more low key, you have to incorporate gold and silver! Just like red and green are the iconic colors of Christmas, gold and silver welcome the New Year. Here at Eternal Roses®, we have several different metallics to choose from. So if you want to branch out or add to your gold and silver theme, try out our Ice Pink variant. 

Shimmer and Shine

When you’re picking out your gold and silver decorations, be sure that you include some things that shimmer and shine! Think the Times Square ball level of shine when you’re picking out pieces. Try hanging streamers made with hanging gold circles or a mantle display with shining candle sticks and single mini soho roses

Mini Soho Classic Eternal Forever Rose

Mini Soho Classic Eternal Forever Rose


Preserved Single Forever Rose Centerpiece Designed to fit any space, this single preserved luxury rose comes in a classic ceramic bowl for display in a home, office, or anywhere you want to add a touch of color. Each handcrafted, real more

You can also find silver balloons or confetti or New Year’s Eve specific glassware. And if you really want to take the shine to the next level, try incorporating shine into the food your offering, like mirror-glazed cupcakes and, of course, sparkling wine.

Table Settings

If your New Year’s Eve party involves a dinner party before the celebrations leading up to midnight, there’s nothing better than choosing a classy table setting that helps set the mood for the special night. Winter calls for lots of warm candle light, and a fire in the fireplace — if you have one. When you’re designing your centerpiece, try slender, taper candles in gold candle holders and create depth by setting the candles beside one of our larger rose centerpieces

Soho CLASSIC Eternal Roses Arrangement

Soho CLASSIC Eternal Roses Arrangement


Decorate for Your Next Dinner Party Roses are arranged in a textured, white ceramic centerpiece with gold rim. These real, preserved fresh flowers come in a variety of colors. Our luxury roses, with proper care, can last up to more

And if you’re concerned about the fire-risk of taper candles but still want real, flickering candlelight, add on one of our hand poured soy candles that comes in a light pink jar and is safe to burn all the way until your guests leave. 

New Year’s Food

New Year’s Eve is a time of optimism and many cultural traditions revolve around attracting abundance and prosperity to carry into the coming year. Because of this, people often make lucky dishes. Whether or not you’re superstitious, it can be fun to serve food with a bit a of tradition behind it. 

Many people eat pork for New Year’s, and it comes from the fact that pigs root with their snouts in a forward motion, symbolizing the idea that eating pork symbolizes moving forward, or progress. Grapes are also lucky, and in Spain and Mexico eating one grape per strike of the clock at midnight (12 grapes in total) will bring you good luck. And if you like the taste of pomegranates, snacking on some is said to release a flood of fertility and abundance.

Eternal Roses® Party Favors

There’s nothing quite like a thoughtful party favor to make your guests feel special. And after all, it’s the holidays — gift giving is in season! Buy an assortment of small rose gift boxes in different colors, or go with a classic, simple look of a pink lasting rose in a cylindrical gift box trimmed with a ribbon.

Giving the gift of a lasting rose as a party favor means that your guests will be able to carry the memory of the night long into the future. It’s a memento, a gesture of thanks, a way to show you care. More so, a rose gift box with preserved fresh flowers can be placed anywhere — from end table to office desk — which means that your guests carry that New Year’s joy wherever they need a little pick-me-up.

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