Eternal Roses Gift Guide 2020 Luxury Gifts that Won’t Break the Bank

Eternal Roses Gift Guide 2020 Luxury Gifts that Won’t Break the Bank

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Eternal Roses Gift Guide 2020 Luxury Gifts that Won’t Break the Bank

When searching for a perfect gift for someone this holiday, that screams luxury as well as functionality, beauty & elegance, look no further…


Here is our top Gifts under $200.00 that will NOT break the bank!


Small Gifts under $50.00

The Liberty Eternal Rose Gift Box ($39.00)

 (some colors on SALE in our extended BFCM Sales Section)

This cylindrical gift box holds a single, unique, preserved rose. This handcrafted, forever rose is the perfect stocking stuffer. With a ride range of colors to choose form, and four different luxury roses gift boxes, this rose is sure to wow family and friends of any age this holiday.


The Trinity Eternal Rose Gift Box ($39.99)


A Single stem real preserved rose in an elegant rose gift box. You can chose from a variety of colors for your handcrafted rose for that special person in your life this holiday. The Rose is 12 inches long.


The Astor Eternal Rose Gift Box ($42.00)

A unique gift this season for your Zodiac lovers. Our Zodiac themed preserved roses each come in a custom designed black textured box displaying the astrological sign's constellation using powerful crystals.
Also check out our Astor Box Bundle, which includes the Astor Box, as well as a beautiful handmade zodiac themed necklace to pair with your Astor Box.


Gifts under $100.00

Our Red Velvet Holiday Gift Box in Scarlet ($72.00) Comes with free petals!

Designed to fit any space, this single preserved red velvet luxury rose comes in our Tiffany ceramic bowl for display in a home, office, or anywhere you want to add a touch of color in our Red Velvet Gift Box. The gift box is an elegant soft red velvet finish, surrounded by an antique white ribbon with gold writing to complete the look of perfection. Each handcrafted, real preserved rose come in a variety of colors and lasts up to three years.  Grab last minute deals that will make great holiday gifts this season. 


Mini Chelsea Eternal Roses Gift Box ($76.00)

The Mini Grand Chelsea Rose Gift Box is perfect for those who want to add a unique decorative touch to their home or office with a small gesture. Each of our luxury roses are naturally grown and handcrafted, which means their sizes may vary. Treat your roses with care and do not expose them to direct sunlight, excessive heat, or dust. This rose gift box is the perfect way to show that special someone you care!  


The Lexington Forever Roses Gift Box ($96.00)

(take note that some finishes may incur upcharges)

This arrangement of preserved roses comes in a modern gift box with a mirrored design, making it the perfect touch of color for your home décor. Available in a variety of colors, each arrangement is handcrafted and lasts up to three years.  


The Eternal Roses Madison Gift Box ($97.00)

A single eternal rose in a stunning clear acrylic box that holds jewelry, hair clips or other everyday essentials.  The box contains one rose in the color of your choice with a pull-out drawer for storing. Perfect this holiday for gifting alongside Jewelry!



The Chelsea Eternal Rose Gift Box ($178.00)

(take note that some finishes may incur upcharges)

A client favorite, this beautiful luxury box holds approximately 10-12 roses in the color of your choice in a beautiful black or white box. Nothing says I love you during the holidays like this beautiful heart shaped box of Eternal Roses® that will last up to three years!


The Lennox Eternal Rose Gift Box *LARGE-* ($182.00)

(take note that some finishes may incur upcharges)

This elegant arrangement of preserved roses is displayed in a classic gift box embossed with gold. Each collection holds nine handcrafted, luxury roses, which can last up to three years. The Lennox Gift Box from Eternal Roses® is an elegant gift for any occasion. 


The Empire Eternal Rose Gift Box *SMALL* ($199.00)

This elegant arrangement of Preserved Luxury Roses comes displayed in a black or white gift box trimmed with a customized ribbon. Choose from a wide variety of colors to celebrate the holidays!






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