Eternal Roses Handmade Jewelry and Fine Chocolates

Eternal Roses Handmade Jewelry and Fine Chocolates

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Eternal Roses Handmade Jewelry and Fine Chocolates

It's totally obvious that here Eternal Roses our most desired gift is our Eternal Roses arrangements and centerpieces, but did you know that we also carry a new line of exclusively handmade one of a kind jewelry, along fine artesian fine chocolates from the famous NYC chocolatier, Marie Belle, all handmade locally here in Brooklyn, NY.

Not to single anyone out, but very often we have male patrons who come to our online  shop, or visit the store locally, in a panic, looking for a last minute anniversary, birthday, or just a simple, “I Love You Gift”.  We love to greet them with our Eternal Roses arrangements and centerpieces (we also now have local same day pick-up for those of you who are located in New York and are really in a rush). And then comes their next question…” What else can I give her”? or “I’m running out of time I need an add-on to my arrangement or centerpiece”…

So, our production team sat down and went back and forth on what other add on gifts that could be added to an already spectacular Eternal Roses arrangement or centerpiece gift, and it was all so clear.

What would people love to receive with their Roses, especially Eternal Roses? What pairs well with a floral arrangement that last for up to THREE years. No Brainer. Fine Jewelry (one of a kind hand made for Eternal Roses) and chocolates, particularly fine uniquely designed ones made by Marie Belle in Soho New York.

Lets take a look at some of our current favorite pieces of handmade jewelry at Eternal Roses:


Here we have the Evil Eye Charm Necklace with Aqua Marine along with a beautiful Eternal Roses Lennox Large Eternal Rose Gift Box in Stormy The necklace is a contemporary take on the beloved evil eye 


We take pride in all the details of our handmade jewelry with the same pride we use in creating our Eternal Roses arrangements and centerpieces. As you can see in the picture below, no detail is ever over looked from the stunning details in the pendant to the clasp in the back that details our Eternal Roses symbol:



Another favorite add on to here at Eternal Roses is the MarieBelle Fine Chocolates, which is a beautiful addition to any arrangement. Featured in the New York Times, this collection of caramels pays homage to New York and its resilient community. With a few different boxes to choose from, here we feature the jewel box displaying four signature MarieBelle New York caramels featuring famous landmarks.

Again, regardless if you choose FINE JEWELRY or FINE CHOCOLATES as an addition to your arrangement or centerpiece, we have no doubt at Eternal Roses that they will be over the moon with your thoughtful and detailed gift.




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