Eternal Roses Ideas For Fall Centerpieces

Eternal Roses Ideas For Fall Centerpieces

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Eternal Roses Idea for Fall Centerpieces 

The air is getting crisp up here in New York and the trees are turning gold, red, and yellow. If you’re throwing a dinner party or Halloween party this fall, consider how our decor — like an eternal roses centerpiece — can fit the season. And even if you aren’t hosting any events, decorating your home for fall is a great way to mark the season. 


In today’s post, we’ll be sharing tips and tricks for choosing fall flower arrangements, particularly fall centerpieces. Here at Eternal Roses®, we believe the best choice is always a classic rose arrangement, especially one made of our preserved fresh flowers that will not only last all through the holidays, but up to three years. Browse our luxury rose floral centerpiece collection and continue reading to get some great ideas for incorporating flowers into your fall centerpieces!


Celebrate Fall With Color

The easiest, and most recognizable, way to decorate for fall is by using the distinctive colors of the season. You’ve got a wide array of colors to choose from, including dark berry and plums hues, bold red and cold, deep greens and browns, and highlights like white and creams. Fall is a time to experiment with bold colors. 


While many think of golds and reds for fall, peaches and pinks are a great way to mix up the fall color pallet — plus they’re a classic color choice for luxury roses. As you incorporate these go-to shades into your fall pallet, just make sure you add some darker greens and browns to make your centerpiece feel like fall instead of spring or summer. 


Luxury roses, like our preserved fresh flowers, give you a great opportunity to play with color, as you can choose to buy flowers nearly every color of the rainbow, including metallics like gold and silver. Our Royal Eternal Roses® Arrangement in golden ruby, ice pink, or orange is our choice for autumn! 


Incorporate Gourds

Gourds are classic choice for a fall centerpiece, and they look great arranged around one of our luxury rose centerpieces. While a pile of gourds can feel cheesy and overly simplistic, there are some really unique and tasteful ways to incorporate them into your fall decorating. The trick is to go either big or small. If you love gourds, go big and make a sprawling centerpiece with gourds of different shapes and sizes, including pumpkins. Put a few chunky fall-colored candles you’re good to go! If you prefer something more subtle, try putting three or four on your mantle next to your photos or house plants. Or arrange them on a plate alongside other fall objects, like light-yellow luxury roses, acorns, and silk maple leaves.


Bring the Outside In

Gourds aren’t the only way to bring real objects into your fall centerpieces! You can also make a statement with real branches, leaves, sheaves of wheat, and dried corn. If you have a yard where you find these things, just head outside and pick out what you think would work! Just watch out for bugs and other creatures you may accidentally bring inside. Flower shops and your local gardening store usually have real pieces like these, and if the idea of decorating with real leaves isn’t your thing, you can find ones made of fabric at craft and home decor stores. One of the reasons decorating with Eternal Roses® luxury roses is so beautiful is because of the way our preserved fresh flowers allow you to bring the outside in — without the mess. With our rose centerpieces, you don’t have to worry about watering or petals turning brown and falling off, instead you can enjoy their natural beauty for years. 


Eternal Roses® Centerpieces

The best centerpiece will always be roses! And here at Eternal Roses® we have such a wide variety of rose centerpieces that you’re sure to find something you love. Our preserved fresh flowers let you keep the classic beauty of real roses in your home for up to three years. They even come with a subtle scent, so you can enjoy the way they freshen your home as well. 


All of our roses are cut at full bloom and preserved with care. Browse our luxury rose gift boxes, explore our rose centerpieces, and contact us if you have any questions or concerns! 

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