Eternal Roses and using Roses for beauty and health benefits

Eternal Roses and using Roses for beauty and health benefits

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Eternal Roses and using Roses for beauty and health benefits

As we ALL know its no secret that Roses represent LOVE.

But did you know that Roses have other benefits other than being an object of beauty.  Roses have been used for centuries for a multitude of things, ranging from skincare, to fragrance, anti-inflammatories, etc. Today we are going to go in a different direct, even though we LOVE to blog about our products and talk about the many natural benefits of Roses.

Have you ever tried a natural ROSE face cleanser?  (please use fresh rose petals and not Eternal Roses petals)

Here are the easy ingredients:

-10-12 rose petals

-4 Tbsp of distilled or filtered water

-2 Tbsp of Honey

Now, take your rose petals along with your distilled/filtered water and soak them for about three hours and then mash the petals into the water and add your honey…mix into a paste like feeling and apply it to your face, leave it for 25 minutes and rinse. And Viola; feel the freshness of your own natural face cleanser with rose petals!


In the ancient times, Egyptians , Greeks, as well as the Romans used rose petals on the floors of their homes for fragrance... however, they had to be changed frequently, as fresh roses wither and loose their scent easily... Want a beautiful fragrance in your home? Well we figured it out for you...Opt for Eternal Roses® Luxury Scented Petals... 

As you can see, we offer two sizes of Roses Petals, both small and Large..


Our Rose Petals are scented and will give your decor not only the color you need to compliment it, but it will also fill your rooms with a sweet aroma of roses...

Use them as you please, fill a vase or a table centerpiece...put them in the bathroom in a glass container next to your sink or even go as far as spreading them on your tables for your next event!...

When it comes to Roses...the way you can use them are endless! 

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