Eternal Roses & Valentine’s Day

Eternal Roses & Valentine’s Day

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Eternal Roses & Valentine’s Day

Happy New Year to all our Eternal Roses loyal followers!

With the holidays behind us, we now are turning a new page to 2021!

You know what that means for Eternal Roses, right? It means we are now moving on to celebrate one the biggest, grandest, and most loving holiday of the year in the floral business… VALENTINE’S DAY!!!

Now wait a moment before you shrug your shoulders. Valentine’s day is not only for “lovers”. There is a lot more to Valentine’s Day then just giving your partner some flowers and chocolates.

Let us take a quick look at the origin of Valentine’s Day.

Though Valentine’s day is associated by the Western World as a day of love, the origin is not very romantic…Saint Valentine’s Day was a feast in the Catholic Religion, which was added to the calendar by Pope Gelasius to commemorate the martyred saints named Valentine. Even though we do not know much about St. Valentine, there is a legend that the reason Saint Valentine became affiliated with a love focused holiday is because he was a Roman Catholic priest who performed weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to get married because a Roman emperor at the time contested that married soldiers did not make great warriors. Allegedly, Saint Valentine wore a ring with a cupid on it, which is a symbol of love so that soldiers could recognize him.

Moving on to the middle ages, by the end of the 15th century it morphed again, and the word “Valentine” was used to describe, basically all things LOVE. By the 19th Century, Valentine’s Day cards were being made by the masses, and thus, Valentine’s Day was born. 

Pictured here, is an old school Valentine's Day card...

Over the years. Valentine’s Day has been a religious celebration, a ritual day in the Catholic Calendar and now, a commercial holiday.

So, what does this all mean to us. Well for all of us here at Eternal Roses, this basically means Valentine’s Day can mean and be WHATEVER you want it to be. It can be a self-care day, where you treat yourself to a spa day 7 SELF LOVE. It can be celebrated with your friends (Galantine’s Day) by having a super cute lunch date. It can be for family members, or your children. Now that I am a mother, for me Valentine’s Day is all about gifting my OWN mother roses & chocolates, as well as my husband, son and brother…so that everyone has a smile on their face that day and knows that they are LOVED.

There are NO RULES when it comes to Valentine’s Day.

And that is what I love about Eternal Roses. Now that we discussed the Origin of Valentine's Day...let's move onto ETERNAL ROSES and VALENTINE'S DAY

There are no limitations to whom you can gift an arrangement to.

With so many colors & sizes, any person, whether male or female, at any age group is going to 100% enjoy any Eternal Roses arrangement, because of its timelessness and functionality. They last over 3 years and compliment any space.

But if I had to drop some hints to anyone looking to purchase me a gift?...

I’ll just leave a hint down here at what I would like to receive as a Valentine’s Day Gift…


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Theres no Valentine's Day unless it's an Eternal Roses Valentine's Day 





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