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Five Gifts for the Woman who wants nothing and has everything

Five Gifts for the Woman who wants nothing and has everything

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Five Gifts for the Woman who wants nothing and has everything

Are you looking for special gift for a woman in your life who wants nothing?

Every time you ask her what she would like as a gift, her response simply is…NOTHING, I have everything I need…

She actually may not be lying. Most women in todays day and age have everything they need and desire, because they are so independent! If they see something they like, or love, chances are, they bought it or are saving up to buy it, or may even already have it.

I have this issue with my own husband every time a special occasion comes around where it warrants a gift of some sort for me and he literally always gets the same answer from me! I’m good! I have what I need. I saw it and bought it already (check the credit card statement, haha).

But just because we have “everything”, doesn’t mean we need nothing…

For the group of women who seem to have everything, usually shopping for something practical is in your best interest for her. Thoughtful gifts, sentimental items that last and show your love and appreciation are good, and especially buying her something she never had nor never knew existed. 

Here at Eternal Roses, we have compiled a Gift Guide for the Woman who wants nothing and/or has everything.

We Promise she will cherish it forever as our roses are all REAL and last for over 3 years with minimal care!

The Lexington Forever Rose Gift Box

This arrangement of preserved roses comes in a modern gift box with a mirrored design, making it the perfect touch of color for her  home décor. 

    Gift Ideas for women who have everything

2.The Empire Gift Box (shown here in Large)

This exquisite arrangement of preserved, luxury roses comes displayed in circular rose gift box. You can choose from a wide variety of colors — including metallic colors like gold and silver — to celebrate any occasion! These lasting roses are the perfect gift for a birthday, anniversary, or even just because.  

Gifts for Woman who wants nothing

3.The Madison Sixteen Rose Gift Box

Sixteen perfectly preserved roses in a stunning clear acrylic box that holds jewelry, hair clips or other everyday essentials.  The box contains sixteen eternal roses in the color of your choice with a pull out drawer for storing.  Perfect gift that can be displayed on a nightstand, vanity or any space where color and scent is needed.  

Best Gifts for woman who has everything in life

4. The Grand Chelsea Eternal Rose Gift Box

This heart-shaped arrangement of luxury roses comes in an elegant, black or white, soft-touch gift box tied with our signature ribbon. The Grand Chelsea Eternal Rose Gift Box is the most luxurious gift for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Anniversary, Birthday or any occasion where you want to show your love! And, because our luxury roses last up to three years, you can display them anywhere. 

Gift for The Woman of Your Life

5. Lennox Grand Eternal Rose Gift Box (shown here in Grand Amore)

Now That's Amore! This elegant arrangement of preserved roses is displayed in an unique heart shaped design. Each color option holds thirty-six to forty handcrafted, forever roses that can last up to three years. The Grand Amore Lennox Gift Box from Eternal Roses® is an elegant gift for anniversaries, birthdays, graduation or any occasion like Holiday Gifting, Christmas or Thanksgiving.

Heart Gift Box for The Love of your Life

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