How This Preserved Roses Gifting Store in New York is Helping Fight Loneliness – Eternal Roses®

How This Preserved Roses Gifting Store in New York is Helping Fight Loneliness

How This Preserved Roses Gifting Store in New York is Helping Fight Loneliness

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How This Preserved Roses Gifting Store in New York is Helping Fight Loneliness


The time is uncertain for sure, but with empathy and shared concern, we can make all the difference just like this gifting store Eternal Roses®.


NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, January 5, 2021 / -- If we were to describe the year 2020 in a word, it will be ‘Surprise’. From the surprise of the pandemic to lockdowns to politics, the year never ceased to amaze. The year has been breaker of molds and setter of new global norms. In this highly uncertain time, we saw many emerging trends defying the traditional norms. Adapting with the new normal and offering something different has been the key to our endeavor at Eternal Roses®.

When pandemic dampened the economy, gifting is definitely the last thing in your mind. We are fully aware of the fact that preserved roses are a very niche sub-segment of floral industry under the vast segment of gifting industry. The gifting industry saw substantial de-growth in this turbulent year, however we were able to maintain our niche and witness surprising growth. We have evolved ourselves to offer something more. Gifting has never been so elegant, safe & efficient. Our efforts have been translated into positive result. It was a matter of great delight for our team to witness the tremendous positive support from our customers. From repeat purchases to new customer acquisition our collection received huge response. We have been able to double our sales with portfolio expansion, innovative marketing, extended global footprint and innovation in logistics. Our products are available in more global pin codes than ever. We are eternally grateful to our patrons for accepting the innovation we implemented in our product portfolio to supply chain.

How we are helping to uplift Spirit Among People:

In the recent times, we have witnessed a specific set of buying pattern of our preserved roses gift collection. Like more online orders than in store walking for obvious reason & more of women buyers. We have also seen that some of specific products like our Patented Preserved Rose Centerpieces is a huge hit as a gifting options for mothers and new home buyers.

Also, the most popular selling item is our Luxury Roses Gift Box that hold varied arrangement of roses in equally enchanting designer boxes for maximum appeal. We realized soon enough that in current scenario when the socializing is limited and people are getting claustrophobic, we can help them reach out to family members & friends via our services. With our thoughtful & personalized gifting services and safe delivery model, we are happy to act as a connecting agent for our patrons.
Soon children started sending gifts and notes to their parents while globally a huge chunk of Eternal Roses also went to partners who have been forced to stay at different places due to the pandemic. With some personalized message cards along with the gift, it soon caught the attention of many more.

As our founder Ms. Monica often says, “It’s not about only the physical entity about the gift but also the emotional value attached to it”. So, it is our great pleasure to connect the lives of our patrons with some expressions in a meaningful way.

About Eternal Roses®:

Established in 2017, Eternal Roses® is a function-first company. Founded and run by US veteran Mr. Lance Horn & his wife Mrs. Monica Horn, Eternal Roses stands strong on creative innovation & value-added services. Since the beginning the Horns family have focused on making best-in-class preserved rose products by using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship to deliver a product that will be admired by all.

The entrepreneurial vision was aimed at making Eternal Roses® a gift and décor brand that is more enduring than what traditional florists can offer, while still providing the freshness of natural roses. The team searched for the premium roses all over the world for several years before sourcing and developing the initial collection for Eternal Roses®. Finally found them in the highlands of Ecuador, where fertile soil conditions and micro-climates are ideal for growing over 400 varieties.
Explore the widest spectrum of our Eternal Roses and how they are turned into some masterpieces in various arrangement and collectable pieces.

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