Eternal Roses Party Favors

Eternal Roses Party Favors

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Eternal Roses Party Favors

Finally, the world is slowly opening again, and your events have a chance to take place whether it be on a small scale or larger scale, with the proper precautions, everyone can have a beautiful and safe party.

Did you have an event that was postponed this year? A wedding, engagement party, bridal shower, baby showers or Sweet 16’s, bar/bat mitzvah, etc…

We all put a lot of our life, milestones, and events on hold this year for the greater good of our wellbeing, and that’s OK because we needed to look out for the safety and health of our family members as well as ourselves. It has been and trying times for all, both physically and mentally, especially for those who were looking forward to BIG days (ex, wedding) and had to postpone.

BUT now we are seeing the comeback of all types of events. Slowly but surely, we are confident that we can get back into the swing of things safely.

Now we go into the details of your event……PARTY FAVORS.

Coming from being married into an Italian American family, one thing I realized very quickly, especially while hosting events with many guests, is that the party favor is the CLOSER of your day. It is one of the most important details of your event and will for sure be talked about for days to come. Was it nice? Was it edible or long lasting? Is it useful?

Why do we give party favors? And why is it so hard to find the perfect favor? It is most definitely not a requirement for us to give out party favors, but a beautiful tradition. When you give a party favor, it’s almost like giving a personal thank you to your guests who attend, wanting them to bring back the favor to their home and having your guests always have a part of that special day, along with the memories in their home for years to come.

Of course, there are many different favors one can give out, depending on your theme or style.

Here at Eternal Roses®, we have a classic, long lasting and VERY elegant party favor that you can offer to your guests, one that will both wow your guests and make you beam with pride. The Eternal Roses® party favor of course! Not only can the color of the Eternal Roses® be customized to fit your event, but now we offer customized ribbons to reflect & to add a personal touch to your special day. And best of all, you can give your guests a party favor that will LAST for many years to come that will continue to give them smiles and memories of your special event. They are truly one of a kind party favors, for any size event, and can fit any budget.

Looking for something to give to your bridal party? Give them Eternal Roses® gift boxes or scented petals, a sure way to keep your special day alive in your bridal parties’ homes forever. Give your wedding guest the gift of Eternal Roses® custom party favors with your names etched into a beautiful custom ribbon displaying your new Eternal union.

Place Eternal Roses® customized favors in your place settings or use them as a one of a kind table card holder. Small event at home? Offer a small Eternal Roses® favor to your friends and family. There is no event too big or too small when it comes to party favors with Eternal Roses®

Corporate Business owner? Looking for a way to give your employees a small beautiful gesture that they can keep forever? Eternal Roses® can also customize party favors for all corporate events and corporate gifting. Here at Eternal Roses® we recently did a beautiful collaboration with Mary Kay, whom gifted thousands of their amazing consultants with Eternal Roses® party favors and gift boxes. 

Whatever your event, whatever your style, Eternal Roses® party favors is sure to make a bold, classy and sophisticated statement at your next event. We are here for all your party favor needs.

Check out our website for more information and inspiration on gifting and corporate events at

As always, we wish you a safe, happy and healthy party/event planning and look forward to helping with your party favor décor needs!

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