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Rainbow Roses: The Pride Gift Guide

Rainbow Roses: The Pride Gift Guide

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In honor of Pride Month, Eternal Roses has curated an exclusive collection of LGBTQ+ inspired eternal rose arrangements! Gift one of our featured products from our rainbow roses collection to a loved one this Pride Month! View the "Celebrate Pride Month with our Loud & Proud Collection" here! Love is love! And nothing says “I love you” more than the gift of an eternal rose. Our rainbow eternal roses take inspiration from the iconic rainbow flag, a symbol of hope for the LGBTQ+ community. 

Our Lennox 16 Rose Gift Box in Loud & Proud is hand-crafted with red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple eternal roses to form an arch of a rainbow. It is our re-imagined rainbow flag and makes for a lovely display on any vanity or coffee table! If you're looking to make a grand gesture, our rainbow-shaped arrangement is also available in our Grand Lennox gift box! Give the gift of an eternal rainbow to a loved one in the LGBTQ+ community today!

Searching for a sentimental gift to show your love & support? Our Mini Chelsea Pride Month Rainbow Gift Box is sure to make that statement! This arrangement "spells love" in the shape of a heart. It features our multi-colored "rainbow rose", a unique eternal rose as it's petals are individually colored! Three eternal rainbow roses make up this heart-shaped gift box. A scaled-down version of this arrangement is the Liberty Gift Box White in Rainbow Eternal Rose. This simple yet significant option displays a single luxury rainbow rose adorned with a classic bow. True love never dies and neither will this rose!

As Lady Gaga advocates, "you were born this way"! And our Astor White Gift Box in Rainbow ALL SIGNS is the perfect way to say this! A single rainbow eternal rose is paired with one of the twelve astrological constellations embossed in a gift box. Choose the sign your LGBTQ+ loved one was born under for a personal expression!

Wanna wear your flair? Show your pride for Pride Month by accessorizing with our Multicolor Stone Hexagon Necklace or Colorful Half Moon Necklace! Emerald, ruby, & quartz gemstones are combined to create a dazzling rainbow that sparkles in the sun! Let your light shine!

Happy Pride Month!

-Eternal Roses

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