Rise up against child trafficking

Rise up against child trafficking

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For all of us, there will be some issues that deeply affect us as a family and as individuals, such as human child trafficking. Crimes against children are one of those issues that concerns all of us here at Eternal Roses.  We are aware that as a company it might not be the best course of action to post or discuss such topics, today however, on this 30th of July, we have decided to align ourselves with others and bring some information to light against one of the most horrific evils that has plagued humans for hundreds of years and has elevated throughout time to one of the fastest-growing criminal enterprises in the world.  Sometimes we MUST make decisions that go beyond putting the company at a risk of losing followers and sales by instead choosing to remain true to the only thing that will never be for sale, our humanity.   We are mothers, we are fathers, we are aunts and uncles, we are brothers and sisters of the same human race.


We have come across multiple news stories and postings, that are speaking out on Human Child Trafficking and its huge proportions in today’s modern world.  Not long ago, we noticed relevant posts on these issues on the page of @rachparcell.  Some of her posts mention @timballard89, who is truly an inspiration, a true hero in every sense of the word.  What he and his organization, Operation Underground Railroad @ourrescue, have done in regards to saving children out of these impossibly evil situations, is nothing less than miraculous.  To this day, their organization has rescued 4,000 victims and arrested 2,099 traffickers.  We have attempted to read through all the stories, but that has become an impossible task due to the sheer number that exist.  These stories are nothing you have ever read and once you do can never be forgotten.  You will most certainly feel a shiver down your spine as they are sickening, haunting, truly unimaginable. These stories show us the true definition of evil and yet, for more than 10 million children, they are reality.  As parents ourselves, the well being of our children supersedes that of our own existence, there can never be anything more sacred and valued.  We cannot even begin to fathom the unimaginable pain a parent would go through when their own child gets abducted.  That is a thought hiding in the darkest of corners of the human mind.  No living being should ever have to experience that, not in any lifetime.  Yet it happens more than anyone could have thought possible, it happens during day light, in our supermarkets, our lavish malls, it happens every minute of every day at an alarming and increasing rate.  It is time we all as spectators take more action and get involved.  It is time our government officials spend more resources and funds on programs specializing in child trafficking rescue.  It is time we focus more on saving the children.


“There are more people enslaved today than at any other time in the history of the world.

There are approximately 30 million slaves in our world today.  10 million of those are children.

Human Trafficking generates over 150 Billion dollars annually worldwide.

Americans are the number 1 producer and consumers of child pornography.

On average, a trafficked child is victimized 5.4 times per day in the US.”  Tim Ballard https://riseupforchildren.com/, CEO/Founder @ourrescue.  CEO @thenazarenefund. 

We hope that with passing of information we can bring more awareness for others to get involved, and eventually can help stop these truly evil crimes against humanity.




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