Significance of Purple Roses

Significance of Purple Roses

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Significance of Purple Roses 

We often associate all Roses with love. But, Rose colors have signified many other meanings in the past and through time and even now every color continue to have symbolic meaning.

The significance of Purple Roses and meanings attached to them are very interesting. In the past, the purple rose was often associated with only royalty and dignified people due to the fact that only royalty were able to afford purple roses due to the rareness of it in nature and the dyes and pigments that were used to dye it. So very often they were used as gifts from "dignified people" to other "dignified people and or around grand entrances of homes.

Today, purple roses are more accessible to everyone and still gives off that beautiful bold, rich and royal feel.  For weddings, purple roses signifies that the couple should be treated like royalty on their special day. Often purple roses can be sent to someone who has reached some sort of milestone or achievement in their life such as a significant birthday (40th birthday, for example), a career advancement or an special anniversary. Purple Roses have also been associated with inner journeys, “the purple chakra” which is associated with wisdom. 

The significance of Purple Roses and Purple flowers are often known as the “mystical rose’ because it gives vibes of royalty, enchantment, and majesty, but can often simply just be the receiver’s favorite color.

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