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Tips to Properly Care for Your Preserved Roses

Tips to Properly Care for Your Preserved Roses

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Have you ever dreamed of being able to keep the roses you received during a special moment or for an exciting event for more than a few days? With our roses, this is possible.


A preserved rose offers you the ability to lock in a moment in time, without having to invest your energy into maintenance and care. Here, you can learn what is needed to care for your preserved roses and to help keep your memories alive for years to come.


What is a Preserved Rose?

Before diving into care and maintenance, it’s important to better understand what preserved roses are. These are 100 percent real flowers that can last for as much as three years (or more) without having to be watered. Our roses are natural blossoms that were grown and harvested in a natural setting.

These blossoms are put through a technological process, which enables them to become the same roses that look and feel just like freshly cut flowers but that last for years with no maintenance.


Basic Maintenance for Preserved Roses

If you want to ensure that your preserved roses last for as long as possible, use the tips found here.


Keep the Preserved Roses Inside

There are several elements outside that may reduce the long-lasting life of a preserved rose. This includes things like temperature changes, wind, humidity, dust, and even curious animals who may want to play with them. Therefore, it’s best to keep your preserved roses inside.


Keep Them in a Dry, Cool Location

There are several places in any house that may trap humidity, such as the kitchen. These are not the best location for your preserved roses. Too much humidity can reduce the life of the flower, regardless of if it is preserved or fresh. Because preserved roses are an organic element, you need to avoid exposing them to an environment that speeds up their degradation.


Avoid Direct Sunlight

Thanks to innovative technology, eternal roses are re-colored during the preservation process. After this is done, you need to make sure the roses aren’t exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time. This may cause a loss of color in the blooms.


Avoid Contact with Water

Even though your infinity roses feel and look just like freshly cut roses, you can’t expose them to water. If they do come in contact with water, the flowers may lose the properties that help them last for a long time. This is good news, as it means you don’t have to worry about changing the water every day to keep the flowers alive and healthy.


Minimal Handling is Best

Don’t handle your preserved roses too often. If you do, this can cause permanent damage. This flower is best left in place and admired, rather than held or touched.


Ensuring Your Preserved Roses Last

As you can see, there are several things you can do and avoid doing to ensure your preserved roses last as long as possible. Keep the information here in mind to enjoy your roses for years and keep the memory of a special event or day nearby.

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