Valentine’s Gifts of Eternal Roses For The Trendsetter

Valentine’s Gifts of Eternal Roses For The Trendsetter

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Are you ready? If you haven’t already picked out a gift for your sweetheart — or if you want to add on something extra special to what you already have — Eternal Roses has what just what you’re looking for.

If the person you’re shopping for has all the best recommendations and an uncanny ability to know what’s going to be the next big thing, their Valentine’s Day gift has to go above and beyond your classic chocolates and dinner! In today’s blog, we’ll be highlighting a few of our most impressive rose gift boxes. Continue reading, browse our Valentine’s Day collection, and order the perfect Valentine’s gift for the trendsetter in your life. 

Lennox Grand

If you’re looking to make a statement and take her breath away this Valentine’s Day, then the Lennox Grand is the rose gift box you’ve been looking for. Nothing says glamour like this large, square box containing 36 preserved, luxury roses. We personally love the look of all white or all red roses, but you can also choose your loved one’s favorite color or pick two different colors arranged in a checkerboard pattern. If you’re shopping for a spouse, why not pick out your wedding colors? 

We’ve also created a special Lennox Grand arrangement designed specifically for Valentine’s Day — the Lennox Grand Amore. The Grand Amore box contains a heart-shaped arrangement of luxury preserved eternal roses within a square of roses in a contrasting color. Try metallic gold within white or a pale lavender heart within a deeper purple. 

Empire Rose Gift Box

Empire Gift Box - Large

Empire Gift Box - Large


Natural Preserved Roses Gift Box - Large Each arrangement features Real, Preserved Roses that last up to three years. This large Empire Rose Gift Box contains approximately 23–25 Eternal Roses. The lasting roses are arranged in your choice of a black more

Like all of our rose arrangements, the Empire gift box contains real, preserved roses that last up to three years. The large Empire Rose Gift Box contains 23-25 Eternal Roses® in the color of your choice. The round box is tied with a ribbon, and it’s the perfect size for her to hold in her arms while you snap a photo so you can share this moment with others in your life.  

Grand Chelsea

Chelsea Eternal Rose Gift Box

Chelsea Eternal Rose Gift Box


Chelsea Preserved Rose Gift Box The Chelsea Eternal Rose Gift Box is perfect for those who want to add a unique decorative touch to their home or office. Each of our luxury roses are naturally grown and handcrafted, which means their sizes more

The Grand Chelsea is the perfect mix of classic and contemporary. The rose-shaped gift box holds between nine and eleven roses in the color of your choice. One of our most popular Valentine’s Day orders is the Sweetheart Arrangement, which features a white rose center ringed by deep red preserved roses. For those looking to add a little extra flare, try an arrangement with one of our metallic rose colors, like gold, silver, or icy pink. 

Eternal Roses® Rose Gift Boxes

Our preserved real rose gift boxes are Valentine’s gifts that last for years after the special day. They maintain their natural, elegant beauty for up to three years if given the proper care. The roses are cut at full bloom and preserved with care and you can order them in every color of the rainbow. Browse our luxury rose gift boxesexplore our rose centerpieces, and contact us if you have any questions or concerns! 

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