Virgo Season and Eternal Roses

Virgo Season and Eternal Roses

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Virgo Season and Eternal Roses 

It’s Virgo Season Guys & Gals!

VIRGO is the sixth sign of the zodiac for those born between August 23 and September 22, at the end of summer and as harvest begins, with the ruling planet of Mercury. 

Are you or someone close to you a Virgo? Have no fear, those born under the Virgo sign are very picky & pay attention to detail for GOOD REASON. Virgos, born to serve, loves to help others. People born under Virgo have a strong sense of duty to those around them, which gives them great joy. They are known as practical, thoughtful and reflective people. Their element is Earth and most Virgos tend to have a great love for nature. There are various stones that crystals that help Virgo function. Citrine is an amazing stone to help settle their constant conflict between their need for perfection and avoiding natural chaos that is occurring in the world. Citrine gives Virgo drive and energy, especially when they feel defeated. Clear Quartz is another crystal that helps to promote self-healing and helps to cleanse negative energy from the body. By using these Virgo crystals (there are many others to chose from as well) in your everyday Virgo life, you can help to achieve greater balance in your day to day routines and mental state. 

Here at Eternal Roses®, we offer a unique gift for Zodiac lovers. A Beautiful custom designed black textured box displaying the Virgo Astrological sign’s constellation using power crystals, our Astor Eternal Rose Virgo Gift Box . You can customize the Eternal Rose to any color you please! Browse through our site for more astrological gift inspiration. Visit our site to find the perfect gift for your favorite detailed oriented thoughtful Virgo friend, or even for yourself. 

Also, here at Eternal Roses® we are now featuring a new and exquisite line of handmade jewelry that you can pair with your custom Eternal Roses® Astor Box and are currently offering a 30% introductory discount off all of our jewelry line. Hurry, the sale wont last!

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