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Eternal Roses® Eternal Roses Wholesale, Hot Pink

Eternal Roses Wholesale, Hot Pink

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Brand: Eternal Roses®

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Our preserved luxury roses are 100% real flowers from Ecuador. They will maintain their original beauty for more than 2-3 years with the proper care.

Do not water
Do not place in direct sunlight
Do not touch


Rose Color:  Hot Pink
Rose Size: XL
Rose Dimensions: 2.17" length x 2.56" width
Box Dimensions:
Price shown is price per 16 pack roses.

To properly preserve these fresh flowers, it’s critical that the luxury roses are cut when they are at their most beautiful. The flowers are then put into a mixture of glycerin and other natural plant elements. This re-hydrates the rose from its petals to its stem and replaces the sap within it.

After a few days, the process is complete and you have preserved luxury roses that are flexible and look natural. This is how we preserve eternal roses forever. To obtain the many varied colors you see available, a dying process takes place shortly after the preservation is complete. And thus magnificent roses evolve from the process.

The process of preserving roses is vastly different from drying them. When you dry a flower, it’s typically hung upside down for several days to dehydrate the bloom and stem. After a few days or weeks, the roses will be dried. The result is a bouquet that’s brittle, lacks its vibrant color, and is easily breakable.

When it comes to how long dried or preserved roses last, the difference can be astounding. Because air dried flowers have been dehydrated, they are not long lasting and can break or lose petals rather easily. If they’re kept in a safe place, they can last for several months, but if they are accidentally bumped or moved, you’ll have more of a mess than a bouquet.