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Freedom Eternal Rose Gift Box

$65.00 USD $129.00 USD

Preserved Roses Patriotic Arrangement

Honor those that have kept us safe with our new Freedom Gift Box. The elegant, white textured box features an embossed American Flag on the front, while the back has a patriotic message showing our gratitude towards the brave few that keep us safe every day. A soft, velvet lining inside this box holds an artfully crafted patriotic themed rose. Each Eternal Rose is hand crafted. The roses are real, preserved, and with proper care may last up to 3 years.

  • Rose diameter is 4″
  • Roses are natural and their sizes may vary
  • Do not water rose, handle with care
  • Do not expose to direct light, excessive heat or dust
  • Rose will radiate natural beauty for up to 3 years
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