Eternal Roses Grand Luxe Gift Box is the Perfect Anniversary Flower Arrangement to give.
Eternal Roses® Lennox Grand Lux Gift Box in Mimosa

Lennox Grand Lux Gift Box in Mimosa


Brand: Eternal Roses®

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Lennox Eternal Roses Grand Gift Box 

  • This square box holds 49 preserved roses.
  • Our roses are natural and their sizes may vary.
  • These luxury roses will last up to three years with proper care.
  • All our roses smell like fresh roses
  • All gifts come with care instructions

This elegant arrangement of preserved roses is displayed in an elegant gift box embossed with gold. Each collection holds fourty-nine handcrafted, luxury roses, which can last up to three years. The Grand Lux Lennox Gift Box from Eternal Roses is an outsanding elegant gift for birthdays, anniversaries, graduation or any occasion.