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Valentines Day Royal Chelsea Scarlet

$96.00 USD
Box Color

Our original Chelsea Box enhanced to Absolute Perfection

Rose Diameter is  4.5″

Roses are natural and their sizes may vary

Do not water rose, handle with care

Do not expose to direct light, excessive heat or dust

Rose will radiate natural beauty for up to 3 years


Fit for a Queen, or a King!  Express your love forever with our enhanced Grand Chelsea Gift Box and it’s uniquely designed Eternal Roses®.  With an elegant soft touch design, embossed striking gold logo print, black gross-grain gold printed handles, and soft velvet lining, this superb box holds a precious heart shaped rose for a very special someone.  Each Eternal Rose is hand crafted by skilled artists from natural, preserved roses grown deep in the mountains Ecuador.  The roses are real, preserved, and with proper care may last up to 3 years.