Wicked: Night Rose - Jewel Candle

$30.00 USD

Jewelry Type


The essence of your magic is distilled at night when the blooming night roses come out to show their most ornate and audacious selves. This unreachable beauty is there for those who dare to look in, those who go against the grain, those who keep pushing and oppose the norms because deep down, they are into someone who can be prickly at first but deep inside they are as sweet as honey.


Your senses get carried away with deep notes of fragrant roses combined with cassis and hints of pine to unexpectedly transport you to a sensual wooden forest at night. Stop for a minute and notice the scent of rosewood, musk and sandalwood balancing this fragrance to make it as enigmatic as the night.


Intricate as you, these custom made pieces are one of a kind. You will discover a collection of 10 pieces that were crafted to signify beauty and the complicated stages of character. Each style  features the enigmatic rhodolite AAA cubic zirconia adorned with black cz’s and plated in 18k rose gold.

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Net Weight: 14 oz

Scent notes: night rose, cassis, fresh pine, rosewood & musk

coconut wax blend, fragrance, dye