Something new has brewed at Eternal Roses in the New Year. After many requests from our lovely clients, we have launched our highly sought after Evil Eye Collection!

But before we go into this exquisite collection, we first want to cover exactly what is the EVIL eye and the power this symbol holds so that you know just how special the evil eye is across the world.

In America, the evil eye gained popularity very quickly as a novelty sold in many stores. But many have purchased and adorned themselves with the symbol, not knowing the back story behind it. But we don't blame them, it is a beautiful and simple symbol that can be interpreted in many ways.

FIRST THING we should tell you, is the evil eye goes way back to the 6th Century BC in Greece, where it made it's first appearances on drinking vessels, also known as "eye cups". It is found in many cultures in the Mediterranean region .

The evil eye made its way as a "curse" from the Greeks, whom believed that when a person felt any time of jealousy towards you, even unintentionally, that they would have the power to send bad vibes and bad luck your way, and so they created a symbol that would ward off this "bad energy" and protect the person who is adorned with the evil eye against bad luck and misfortune caused by the "evil glare"

Would you believe that 40% of cultures in the world have some sort of belief system when it comes to the evil eye? 

Though the original beliefs of the evil eye is still present, in today's world it has become a fashion statement and beautiful way of decorating your home, with the hope that maybe in fact, it is keeping the "evil eye" and "bad vibes" away from your life and home. 

So, we know that there are evil eye jewelry that you can wear, even hang in your home, but now you can have an Evil Eye Rose collection to keep in your home or office that will last for over 3 years to protect you from any and all bad energy!


The Evil Eye Roses Collection!

Let us show you just a few of our favorite pieces from our Evil Eye Collection that are great for gift giving to anyone, male or female, for the home or the office!

The Eternal Zodiac Gift Set - Special Edition

Our Eternal Zodiac Gift set is the perfect gift to send some good luck and beauty someone's way on Valentine's Day!  

This stunning collection was created to infuse your life with healing energy while elevating your space with stunning Eternity Roses®. 

The box contains one stunning Eternal Rose paired with a gold zodiac necklace. The box is finalized with a "I Love You" gross grain ribbon for that ultimate touch in elegance. 

Limited quantities available!


The Mini Chelsea Gift Box in Evil Eye

The Mini Grand Chelsea Rose Gift Box is perfect to gift for anyone.

This evil eye flower box is the perfect way to show that special someone you care!

Three beautiful Roses adorn this heart shaped Mini Chelsea box, a stunning evil eye flower box that not only brings good luck but it's often noticed for its beauty in any room of the house!



Evil Eye Single Rose Madison Gift Box

One of our newest members of the Acrylic Box Family! 

A single evil eye eternal rose in a stunning clear acrylic mini box that will make the perfect addition to any space.

These single mini roses are arranged in compact boxes.

The evil eye rose box contains one large rose bud, making it a more than perfect gift for any event such as bridal shower, wedding party favor, engagement, baby announcement and more.



The Empire Gift Box Large in Evil Eye

 A stunning white, black, and blue roses bouquet that not only brings good luck but it's often noticed for its beauty.

These lasting roses are the perfect gift for a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or even just because


While these are a few of our current favorites, be sure to check out our website to see the many different Evil Eye Rose Arrangements that we have come up with at Eternal Roses! There are so many variations and styles that are available.

But hurry! Limited Qualities are available


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The Evil Eye Eternal Roses Collection

July 05, 2023 — Eternal Roses