View our Christmas delivery cut off dates here!


Can the arrangements be wrapped to place under the tree? 

All our arrangements come in a PVC Box with a ribbon and a care card which will allow the item to be wrapped to perfection and placed under the tree. 

Can I order in advance for the Holiday Season?

Absolutely! During the checkout process you will be asked to input your desired delivery date.  You can either receive the package earlier and keep until the needed time, or you can order with us in advance to ship at a later time.  


Will my roses be okay to keep in their gift box until Christmas?

Yes! Our arrangements are perfectly good to be kept in the box they were received since they do not require any water or sunlight to keep them fresh.

Can I order something special for Christmas? 

Of course we are always more than happy to help create to perfect arrangement for you, whether it is a personalization, multiple rose colors or any other wish you may have please feel free to contact us with your requirements!

Additional Information For Festive Shopping

We use USPS, UPS, Fed EX and DHL for all of our shipments.  Please visit these carrier's site for additional information or shipping requirements.

If you are going to order early it is important to please ensure you open your delivery once it arrives to ensure it has travelled safely. We require any damage during the shipping process to be reported to us within 48 hours of receipt.