What are preserved flowers? Are they different from dried flowers?  How long will preserved flowers really last? These are the questions people ask us most often, so we would like to let you know the process behind the creation of this long lasting unique preserved roses or flowers that last a year and more.

How To Preserve Flowers in the Easiest Way

Flowers transcend borders, cultures, and countries, holding deep significance in our lives. Their exquisite hues and delicate petals eloquently express our joys, pleasures, and sorrows, and provide solace. They are the vibrant messengers of our emotions, conveying happiness, love, and gratitude with remarkable beauty. The memories they hold which everyone wants to preserve are possible and let us first what are preserved flowers.

Preserved Flowers

Also known as eternal or everlasting flowers—is a remarkable way to preserve their natural beauty and extend their lifespan. Through a meticulous preservation process, Eternal Roses genuine flowers defy the usual fate of withering and drying out. Instead, they are carefully treated to retain their exquisite appearance for an extended period.

  • Fresh flowers are chosen for preservation, preferably at their peak bloom stage. Sturdy flowers with thicker petals tend to preserve better.
  • The stems of the selected flowers are trimmed to the desired length, and any excess foliage or thorns are removed.
  • A mixture of water and glycerin is prepared. The ratio of glycerin to water may vary depending on the flower type and the desired level of preservation.
  • The flower stems are placed in containers or vases filled with the glycerin solution. It is important to ensure that the cut ends of the stems are fully submerged in the solution.
  • Over the course of several days to weeks, the flowers absorb the glycerin solution through their stems. The glycerin replaces the natural moisture in the flowers, gradually preserving their appearance.
  • After the absorption process, the flowers are removed from the glycerin solution and allowed to air dry.
  • From here the flowers are given their colour - red, pink, golden, or even black roses. 

The roses from here are ready to make your or dear ones' day.


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How are preserved fresh flowers different from dried flowers?

The process of preserving roses is vastly different from drying them. When you dry a flower, it’s typically hung upside down for several days to dehydrate the bloom and stem. After a few days or weeks, the roses will be dried. The result is a bouquet that’s brittle, lacks its vibrant color, and is easily breakable.

When it comes to how long dried or preserved roses last, the difference can be astounding. Because air dried flowers have been dehydrated, they are not long lasting and can break or lose petals rather easily. If they’re kept in a safe place, they can last for several months, but if they are accidentally bumped or moved, you’ll have more of a mess than a bouquet.

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Preserved roses, on the other hand, can be enjoyed for a much longer period of time. Placed in a vase or on a shelf, you can expect your preserved luxury roses to last one to three years. If you decide to store your flowers in a sealed enclosure, they’ll last even longer — up to 3 years! 

And you can use your preserved luxury roses for more than sitting in a vase. They’re perfect for home décor, floral art, and other craft projects that incorporate flowers and floral arrangements.

If you’re looking for a fun way to commemorate an event, or if you want a unique centerpiece that can be kept and used for years, preserved luxury roses are what you’re looking for. It render unique home decor presence. At Eternal Roses we have a huge variety of preserved luxury roses and rose gift boxes for every occasion.

How To Maintain Your Eternal Flowers?

Whether you've been surprised with a heartfelt gift from your loved one or decided to treat yourself to these enduring beauties is an enchanting keepsake that demands no specific care to remain vibrant for years. Most people don’t know as to how to preserve flowers. So to maintain its delicate allure, handle it with care and follow these simple guidelines to ensure its everlasting beauty remains intact.

  • Preserve roses are delicate, so handle them gently to avoid any damage. Avoid touching the petals excessively or applying pressure, as this could cause them to become misshapen or lose their texture.
  • Preserved flowers do not require watering. Keep them away from sources of moisture, such as water splashes, humidity, or direct contact with liquids, as it compromises their preservation and causes them to deteriorate.
  • Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight causes the colors of preserved flowers to fade over time. Display your preserved flower in a location where it won't be exposed to harsh or direct sunlight.
  • Over time, preserved flowers may gather dust. Use a soft brush or a can of compressed air to gently remove any dust particles that have settled on the petals or leaves. Be careful not to apply excessive force or touch the flowers directly.
  • Preserved flowers are best kept in a cool and dry environment. Avoid placing them in areas with extreme temperature fluctuations, such as near heating vents or drafty windows. Extreme temperatures can affect the preservation quality and lifespan of the flowers.

Enjoy the beauty of your preserve roses!

Why Choose Preserved Roses?

Enjoy Elegance That Endures

Preserve roses are meticulously crafted to offer an extended lifespan, allowing you to relish their captivating beauty for years to come. Unlike their fresh-cut counterparts that quickly wither, preserved roses retain their impeccable shape, vibrant hues, and allure over time. 

Effortless Care

Bid farewell to the demands of traditional flower care. Preserve roses offer a significant advantage with their minimal maintenance requirements. You can forget about watering them or worrying about changing the vase water regularly. These hassle-free blooms grant you the privilege of relishing the exquisite beauty of fresh roses without the usual time constraints and upkeep.

Nature's Perfection

These retain the natural splendor of fresh roses through careful preservation techniques. Each delicate petal, vibrant color, and intricate detail remains intact, allowing you to bask in the same visual enchantment as fresh blooms. 

Boundless Creativity

The flowers offer boundless possibilities for creative expression. Whether it's home decor, weddings, special events, or heartfelt gifts, these versatile blooms shine in various settings. From enchanting bouquets to captivating floral arrangements or even as individual blooms, preserved roses infuse elegance and romance into every occasion.

Symbolic Messages Preserved

Roses have long symbolized love, romance, and beauty, and preserved roses carry forth this profound symbolism. They serve as perfect messengers for expressing your deepest emotions on special occasions or commemorating significant moments.

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What is the best way to preserve flowers so they last longer?

To preserve flowers and extend their lifespan, the best way is to dry them using various techniques such as air drying, pressing, or using desiccants like silica gel. Air drying involves hanging the flowers upside down in a cool, dry place with good airflow. Pressing involves placing flowers between absorbent materials, like parchment paper, and applying pressure to flatten them. Using desiccants involves burying the flowers in a substance like silica gel to remove moisture gradually.

What types of flowers are best for preservation?

Sturdy flowers with thicker petals, such as roses, hydrangeas, and sunflowers, tend to preserve well. Flowers that have a lower water content and are less prone to wilting or losing their shape are generally better suited for preservation. Delicate flowers with thin petals do not retain their original appearance as effectively.

Are there any safety precautions to take when preserving flowers?

When preserving flowers, it's essential to take safety precautions. Some flowers, like toxic varieties or those treated with pesticides, may be harmful if not handled properly. Wear gloves and ensure proper ventilation when using drying agents like silica gel. If unsure about the safety of a specific flower, it's best to research and seek guidance from professionals or florists.

What are the best conditions for preserving roses?

The best conditions for preserving roses involve a cool and dry environment. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, high humidity, or extreme temperature fluctuations. Store preserved roses in a place with stable temperatures and moderate humidity levels. Display them away from heating vents, drafty windows, or areas prone to excessive moisture, as these conditions can impact their preservation quality.