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About Us

Established in 2017, Prêt-à-Fleur®  is the brand behind the company Eternal Roses® New York.  It was an entrepreneurial vision designed at making Prêt-à-Fleur® a gift and décor brand that is more enduring than what traditional florists can offer, while still providing the freshness of natural roses.  Many years of sourcing and developing the initial collection for Prêt-à-Fleur®  took us all over the world in search of the finest roses. We finally found them in the highlands of Ecuador, where fertile soil conditions and microclimates are ideal for growing over 400 varieties.  Carefully selected in full bud and cut uniformly, they undergo a natural process where the blooms are immersed in a patented blend of plant-based formula and preserving substance.  This results in a truly spectacular and special roses that require no watering while maintaining its beauty and freshness for 3 years.  They are then flown to New York to be meticulously hand assembled into centerpiece arrangements or in gift boxes. The vessel for the centerpieces are elegantly textured and glazed ceramic earthenware hand crafted by artisans in Asia.