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Lennox Small Gift Box - Classic Collection of Forever Roses
From $81.75 USD $109.00 Sale
Frosted PearlPearly PinkFrostPearlMimosaCanaryChampagneFriendship YellowAuroraBlushPink MartiniHarlequinPrimroseBaby PinkHot PinkFuschia LilyLilacMystic OrchidIrisOrchidScarletWineberryOcean BreezeAquaMintMojitoWintergreenAzzureMidnightGoldSilverBe MineBaroqueSweetheartRoyal GoldGolden OrchidGolden RubyRainbow+ 35 more

18 reviews
Lennox Large Eternal Rose Gift Box
From $153.30 USD $219.00 Sale
Pearly PinkPearly AquaFrostBaroqueMimosaCanaryMintChampagneFriendship YellowAuroraPink OmbréBlushPink MartiniCherishPoshPrimroseHot PinkHarlequinLilacIrisOrchidFuschia LilyGolden OrchidMystic OrchidScarletBe MineWineberryGolden RubyAquaAzzureRoyal GoldWintergreenEmerald GoldMidnightGoldSilverEye of the Tiger+ 34 more

12 reviews
Lennox Eternal Roses Large Ombre Gift Box
From $168.30 USD $198.00 Sale
Pink OmbrePurple OmbreRed OmbreBlue OmbreGold Ombre+ 2 more

1 review
Lennox Half Moon Eternal Roses Large Gift Box
$332.10 USD $369.00 Sale
MimosaCanaryFriendship YellowPink martiniHot PinkIrisFrosted OrchidOcean BreezeScarlet+ 6 more

1 review
Lennox Sixteen Eternal Rose Gift Box - Best Gift for Birthday/Anniversary
From $226.80 USD $324.00 Sale
FrostBaroqueMimosaAuroraCanaryFriendship YellowBlushPink MartiniPrimroseHot PinkRose SoireePoshIrisFuschia LilyLilacOrchidMystic OrchidGolden OrchidEye of the TigerScarletBe MineWineberryGolden RubyMojitoWintergreenEmerald GoldAquaAzzureRoyal GoldMidnightGoldSilverRainbowFreedomPink OmbrePurple OmbreGold OmbreBlue Ombre+ 35 more

4 reviews
Eternal Roses Half Moon Gift Box, Lennox Collection
$422.10 USD $469.00 Sale
MimosaCanarySpring BloomPink MartiniHot PinkIrisOrchidScarletFriendship YellowAqua+ 7 more
Lennox Grand Eternal Rose Gift Box - Best Gift for Birthday/Anniversary
From $359.20 USD $449.00 Sale
FrostMimosaChampagneFriendship YellowPink MartiniPrimroseRose SoireeLilacOrchidMystic OrchidScarletRed CheckersWineberryMojitoWintergreenAquaAzzureMidnightStarry NightGoldGolden RubySunflowerPink OmbrePurple OmbreBlue OmbreGold OmbreLettersFlag+ 25 more

3 reviews
Lennox Grand Amore Gift Box
$466.65 USD $549.00 Sale
BaroqueSnow DropPoshForever PinkMystic OrchidSweetheartBe MineTwilightMidnight Breeze+ 6 more

3 reviews

Lennox Square Gift Box 

Striving to express your affection by gifting a rose bouquet to your loved one? Why not present the preserved roses that make your gift more memorable? We at Eternal Roses offer forever roses in a square box called Lennox Square Gift Box. These beautifully designed gift boxes are a great alternative to conventional bouquets and offer diverse colors and styles for unique rose arrangements. From...... Read More