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Madison Round Acrylic Gift Box
From $96.85 USD $149.00 Sale
FrostPink MartiniScarletChristmas RedStarry NightEvil Eye+ 3 more

6 reviews
NEW Petite Chelsea Gift Box
From $65.60 USD $82.00 Sale
Pearly WhiteFrostMimosaPink MartiniScarletAzzure+ 3 more

3 reviews
Mini Chelsea Gift Box | Heart Shaped
From $76.30 USD $109.00 Sale
AuroraMacaronPearly WhitePearly PinkPearly Tiffany BlueFrostMimosaCanaryChampagneAmaryllisFriendship YellowSunsetBlushPink MartiniPrimroseHot PinkFuschia LilyLilacIrisOrchidScarletWineberryTiffany BlueStormyAzzureMintMojitoWintergreenMidnightSilverGoldCandy RainbowRainbowFreedomEvil Eye+ 32 more

28 reviews
Madison Gold Twelve Roses Gift Box
From $187.85 USD $289.00 Sale
AuroraBaroqueFrostMimosaCanaryFriendship YellowSunsetBlushPink MartiniPrimroseHot PinkHarlequinCherishPoshFuschia LilyIrisLilacOrchidScarletWineberryTiffany BlueStormyAzzureRoyal GoldMintMojitoWintergreenGoldSilverMidnightRainbow+ 28 more

1 review
Madison Single Rose Gift Box
From $78.40 USD $98.00 Sale
Pearly WhitePearly PinkPearly Tiffany BlueFrostPearlCanaryAuroraMimosaChampagneAmaryllisSunsetFriendship YellowBlushPink MartiniPrimroseHot PinkFuschia LilyIrisLilacOrchidPlumScarletWineberryTiffany BlueAzzureStormyMintMojitoWintergreenStarry NightMidnightSilverGoldVa Va Voom PinkCandy RainbowRainbowEvil EyeMacaron+ 35 more

5 reviews
Tiffany Red Velvet Gift Box
From $53.36 USD $92.00 Sale
MacaronRainbowFrostPearlScarletWineberryWintergreenGoldStarry Night+ 6 more

3 reviews
Lennox Large Eternal Rose Gift Box
From $153.30 USD $219.00 Sale
Pearly PinkPearly Tiffany BlueFrostBaroqueMimosaCanaryMintChampagneFriendship YellowAuroraPink OmbréBlushPink MartiniCherishPoshPrimroseHot PinkHarlequinLilacIrisOrchidFuschia LilyGolden OrchidMystic OrchidScarletBe MineWineberryGolden RubyTiffany BlueAzzureRoyal GoldWintergreenEmerald GoldMidnightGoldSilverEye of the Tiger+ 34 more

12 reviews
Lexington Mirror Small Forever Roses Gift Box
From $104.30 USD $149.00 Sale
Pearly WhitePearly PinkFrostBaroquePearlMimosaCanaryChampagneFriendship YellowAuroraBlushPink MartiniHarlequinPrimroseCherishPoshFuschia LilyIrisLilacOrchidFrosted OrchidMystic OrchidGolden OrchidEye of the TigerScarletBe MineWineberryGolden RubyMintMojitoWintergreenEmerald GoldMistletoeTiffany BlueAzzureRoyal GoldMidnightMidnight GazeGoldSilverCandy RainbowRainbow+ 39 more

10 reviews
Madison Four Rose Keepsake Gift Box
From $151.20 USD $189.00 Sale
AuroraMacaronPearly WhitePearly PinkPearly Tiffany BlueFrostPearlMimosaCanaryChampagneFriendship YellowSunsetTiffany BlueBlushHarlequinFuschia LilyPink MartiniPrimroseHot PinkIrisLilacOrchidMystic OrchidGolden OrchidScarletSweetheartBe MineWineberryMintMojitoWintergreenAzzureRoyal GoldMidnightStarry NightGoldSilverRainbow+ 35 more

7 reviews
Forever Roses Gift Box | Lexington Large Box of Roses
From $245.65 USD $289.00 Sale
Pearly PinkFrostPearlMimosaChampagneCanaryFriendship YellowAuroraBlushHarlequinPink MartiniPrimroseLilacIrisOrchidFrosted OrchidMystic OrchidPlumScarletWineberryMintMojitoWintergreenTiffany BlueAzzureMidnightGoldSilverGolden OrchidRoyal GoldBaroqueGolden RubyEmerald GoldBe MinePoshCherishRainbow+ 34 more

3 reviews

Unique Holiday Rose Gift Ideas for 2022
The month of holiday celebration is in & we at Eternal Roses® understand how important this time of the year is for you and your family. This is the perfect time to show your love and affection to your family and friends by giving them roses for Christmas that will last them years.

With this in mind we have curated an exclusively personalized holiday gift collection that will be loved by...... Read More