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Heart Shaped Gift Boxes, Chelsea Collection

Chelsea Heart Shaped Flowers & Gift Boxes

In today’s modern world, where countless gifting options have emerged, traditional gestures like roses still maintain a significant value to showcase the depth of your love. However, as time has passed, rose bouquets have evolved from ordinary ones to stylish and meaningful options such as our Chelsea heart-shaped flowers & gift boxes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are Chelsea Heart-Shaped Gift Boxes?

    These are gift boxes that feature an adorable heart-shaped setting. Apart from just the roses, there could be numerous other gift items that can be arranged within the frame of Chelsea heart-shaped gift boxes. Their romanticized shape is the reason why they are popular to showcase your admiration towards your loved ones.

  • What occasions are Heart Shaped Gift Boxes suitable for?

    For every occasion where you want to express your love, affection, or admiration towards your special someone, these heart shaped gift boxes are just a perfect fit. Here are some of the common occasions:

  • Can Heart Shaped Gift Boxes be personalized or customized?

    Certainly! Eternal Roses offer the opportunity to get your gift boxes customized in accordance with your preferences. You can choose the desired roses type, the color of the box, the type of card, and the message, and specify other requirements. You will be asked for these associated customization options while adding the product to the cart.

  • Are heart-shaped roses real or artificial?

    Eternal Roses use 100% naturally driven blooms to make each heart shaped roses case. However, unlike regular ones, our forever roses have been preserved to last up to 3 years of the period without any significant care and maintenance.

  • How can I care for heart-shaped flowers to keep them looking their best?

    These flowers demand the bare minimum to stay rejuvenated for years to come. Here are some of the care tips to follow:

    • Avoid touching the flowers as much as possible. Constant touches can ruin their arrangement or may also break some of the petals.
    • The flowers have been cut-off and no longer require watering.
    • Do not expose the flowers to direct sunlight which may fade away their natural shade.
    • Whenever required, gently clean the flowers with a soft dusting brush.