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Bring Luxury Eternal Roses® to Everyday Life

Real Roses that can last 3 years with no maintenance


Eternal Roses® Holiday Collections

Bring Elegance & Splendor with Eternal Roses®

Our Eternal Roses® are real roses that have been preserved to maintain their natural beauty and elegance for up to 3 years.  There is no need for water or sunlight, ever.  Our roses are of the highest quality, cut at full bloom and carefully arranged in various display options, perfect as gift or decor.

Newly Introduced

Our newest Eternal Roses Gift Boxes come in various limited edition pink options, making these some of the most stunning gifts for Mother's Day 

best gift or home decor, real roses last 1 year

NEW Soho Minis

Simplicity can be the best form of elegance. This Eternal Single Rose says it all:  ambiance, decor and fragrance.  Perfect for nightstands, kitchen areas, office space and so much more.


Lexington Gift Box

Lexington Rose Gift Box is newly introduced just in time to make an grand impression in 2019.  Choose your favorite festive combination from the many options available.

Soho Rose Centerpiece Options

This Collection is the crossroads where efficiency meets beauty and styles it to perfection, resulting in the most elegant rose arrangement with multiple purposes:  gift, decor, ambiance, fragrance

Choose Size and Color Now

Soho Centerpiece Options

best rose arrangement that last one year

Soho Classic

Our Original Small Soho Rose Centerpiece is perfect for your dining table, desk, end table, or even kitchen counter. Explore the vast array of color options available.

real roses arrangement that last for years

Soho Steel

Designed to be the focal point of any room, this Rose Centerpiece fits perfectly on your dining room table.  Great for special events, holidays or everyday!

perfect rose arrangement for her that last

Soho Royal

Created for people that want a grand and elegant showpiece for their home or event.  This Rose Centerpiece is ideal for any size rooms or tables.


The perfect gift that becomes home decor


Additional Collections

perfect rose flag gift for anyone

Freedom Collection

Celebrate Patriotism. Celebrate Bravery.  But above all celebrate FREEDOM!

elegant rose arrangement decor that lasts for years


Elevate your Centerpiece with our antique brass stand to be the focal point of any room

perfect gift for any occasion

Enhance My Gift

Enhance your Gift with our customized Greeting Card and signature Ribbon options


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