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Madison Gold Twelve Roses Gift Box
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AuroraBaroqueFrostMimosaCanaryAmaryllisFriendship YellowBlushPink MartiniPrimroseBaby PinkHot PinkHarlequinCherishPoshIrisLilacOrchidScarletWineberryAquaAzzureRoyal GoldMintMojitoWintergreenGoldSilverMidnight+ 26 more

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Eternal Rose CANCER Gift Box, Astor Collection
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Pearly WhitePearly PinkPearlFrostMimosaChampagneCanaryFriendship YellowAmaryllisSunsetAuroraMacaronBlushPrimrosePink MartiniFuschia LilyHot PinkLilacIrisOrchidScarletWineberryMintMojitoWintergreenPearly AquaAquaAzzureStormyMidnightStarry NightSilverGoldRainbowEvil Eye+ 32 more

Blue and White Chinoiserie

Presenting a stunning and symbolic combination of blue and white roses, representing love, loyalty, purity, new beginnings, uniqueness, and the impossible. The concept of blue roses seems unrealistic, but Eternal Roses has made it a reality. Our flowers are created to last three years, making these the one of the kind of preserved flowers

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