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Tiffany Red Velvet Gift Box
From $53.36 USD $92.00 Sale
MacaronRainbowFrostPearlScarletWineberryWintergreenGoldStarry Night+ 6 more

3 reviews
Mini Tiffany Eternal Luxury Rose
From $53.36 USD $92.00 Sale
AuroraFrostMimosaChampagneFriendship YellowAmaryllisSunsetBlushPink MartiniPrimroseHot PinkLilacFuschia LilyOrchidPlumScarletWineberryAquaStormyAzzureMojitoWintergreenMidnightGoldSilverVa Va Voom PinkCandy RainbowRainbow+ 25 more

10 reviews
Mini Soho Royal Eternal Luxury Rose
From $53.36 USD $92.00 Sale
AuroraFrostChampagneAmaryllisFriendship YellowSunsetBlushPrimroseHot PinkLilacFuschia LilyOrchidScarletWineberryAquaStormyAzzureMojitoWintergreenMidnightStarry NightGoldSilverVa Va Voom PinkCandy RainbowRainbow+ 23 more

9 reviews
Mini Nobu Eternal Luxury Rose | Single Rose Centerpiece
From $53.36 USD $92.00 Sale
FrostMimosaChampagneFriendship YellowAmaryllisSunsetBlushPink MartiniPrimroseHot PinkLilacFuschia LilyOrchidPlumScarletWineberryAquaStormyAzzureStarry NightMojitoWintergreenMidnightGoldSilverVa Va Voom PinkAuroraCandy RainbowMacaronRainbowEvil Eye+ 28 more

3 reviews

Velvet Mini Gift Boxes: A Touch of Luxury

Transform a modest gift into a profound symbol of sophistication. The splendid velvet boxes of Eternal Roses introduce a whisper of luxury to your expression of love or gratitude. The royalty of velvet combined with top-quality...... Read More