Black roses

You might have chosen a bunch of red roses to show love or received yellow roses as a sign of friendship. But what about black roses? What do these enigmatic flowers signify? Black roses gained popularity during the Victorian era, particularly in literature. 

With evolving times, black roses have become a trending gift to be presented on Valentine’s Day. A prime choice that has caught the eye of every lover is preserved black roses, available in various textures and cute heart shape boxes that last for years, signifying a promise of eternity. Like many flowers, black roses have various meanings. In this blog, we have covered 10 spiritual meanings associated with black roses, uncovering ancient symbolism to contemporary perspectives. Read on to know!

A closer look at black roses

Do you know there is nothing like a Natural black rose? Black roses are made through hybridization! Although they might look like the jet black taken right from the sky, upon closer inspection, they appear to be dark maroon or deep purple. This is due to the process of production and preservation of these roses. These roses are made by dipping different roses into pigment concentrates and preserving them using a silica-based solution. Some common varieties of preserved black roses created through breeding efforts include 'Almost Black,' 'Black Baccara,' and 'Black Magic.'

Black Rose Spiritual Meanings: Relationship & Love

Black rose spiritual meaning

  • New Beginnings and Hope

The phrase “when one door closes, another one opens” signifies hope for new beginnings that are expected to bring jovial moments to an individual or group. This is apt to deliver the spiritual meaning of black roses in ancient cultures. These roses are presented at the onset of transformation in one’s life, hoping for a beautiful future.

  • Strength and Triumph

Black roses were associated with royalty and power, as they were the only color worn for important events and festivals. Their deep color represents passion, intensity, and depth, which is why they are often used to symbolize strength and resilience. Also, In some Western cultures, black roses symbolize strength, embodying a love that triumphs over the inevitability of death, leading to their popularity.

  • Undying Love and Commitment

As we all are aware, it’s now the month of love with Valentine's around the corner! The week of love has a special day for roses, Rose day. Gifting preserved black roses to your loved one this day signifies a promise of undying love, representing a commitment that is unwavering and steadfast. It speaks that no matter what happens ahead, I was and will always be there for you!

  • Biblical Meaning of Black Roses

In the Bible, the black rose is a reminder for us to overcome our spiritual struggles and to be loving. When Christians see a black rose, they think about how love is powerful and can overcome anything. Love means being kind and understanding, not holding onto any bad things, and focusing on the good qualities of the people we meet in life. It's like a symbol that reminds us to keep growing in our faith and seeking a closer relationship with the divine. A preserved black rose placed in heart shape boxes is a perfect gift to be given on good Fridays and weddings as a reminiscence of god’s love.

  • A message from the universe

In many Western cultures, particularly in Europe and North America, when you see a black rose, it means the Universe is paying special attention to your life. Your spiritual guides use this symbol to make you more aware of your spiritual side. The black rose is like a message telling you to stop living in darkness. Instead, open yourself up to positive energies from the Universe, let them touch your soul, and bring light into your life.

  • Spreading love

The color of the black rose is misconceived as one of hatred and darkness. In mythology and science, black is an amalgamation of all colors, symbolizing acceptance for everyone. The presence of a black rose in your gift reminds receivers that we have come into this plane to spread love, peace, and acceptance for everyone.

  • Cleanse Your Atmosphere

Gifting preserved black roses to a loved one sends a message that you wish to ward off any unwanted and negative energies around them. If someone feels confused or can't figure things out, gifting them black roses is a great option as it is considered a symbol to evade negative energies that are blocking your spiritual journey.

  • Resolving a disputed relationship 

Did you know that a black rose is considered a symbol to resolve the issues in your disputed relationships and love?  Well, yes, if your lover is upset or there is a relationship that you wish to revive the spark in, simply send them a Small Gift Box with Midnight Black Roses to tell them you care and you wish to resolve the misunderstandings and show them love this valentine's day!

  • Protection to your loved one

In mythology, it is considered that placing black roses in your home is indicative that your prayers have been heard in the highest places in heaven. The Divine Source assures you of protection against bad luck and other things that scare you. This love season, present black roses as your Valentine's Day Roses to ensure the protection of god around your loved ones and provide them with the motivation to move through life confidently.

  • Tend to Your Relationships

Are you always too busy to spend time with your partner? Has your relationship become stuck because you're never around? Even though your job is important, it shouldn't be more important than your personal relationships. Never mind, now is the time to make a move on Valentine's Day and gift your partner a black rose to remind them you are focused on your relationship. It's not us saying this, it's European culture that says so! 

So, whether you want to express undying love, resolve disputes, or simply cleanse the atmosphere around you, a preserved black rose could be the perfect choice to show love and make up this Valentine's Day Roses special. You can shop from an exclusive range of preserved black roses available at Eternal Roses today! So, what are you waiting for? Make your next gift an enduring expression of love and spirituality!

February 06, 2024 — Think Shaw