roses for Valentine day


Love is in the air! Valentine's Day, the day of love and romance, is just around the corner. It's that time of year when we express our heartfelt emotions to our loved ones and make them feel truly special. And what better way to convey those genuine feelings than with an adorable preserved rose for Valentine’s Day?

Throughout history, roses have been associated with love and devotion. From ancient stories to modern-day romances, they have always maintained a special place in our hearts. Forever roses are a special gift choice and an everlasting symbol of love and passion.

Here, we will look into five attractive floral ideas that incorporate roses, adding thoughtfulness to your Valentine's Day celebrations. 

Ideas To Incorporate Rose for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Centerpiece:

Design a beautiful floral centerpiece using preserved forever roses to adorn your Valentine's date table. Begin by selecting a charming vase or decorative container that complements the romantic theme. Place a small block of floral foam at the base of the container to secure the roses. Next, arrange the preserved roses in the foam, allowing them to showcase their eternal beauty. To add a touch of extra elegance, consider incorporating some greenery or baby's breath around the roses. If desired, tie a satin ribbon in a soft color around the vase for an extra romantic touch.

Forever Rose Valentine Bouquet: 

Create a stunning bouquet using a combination of forever roses in various colors and sizes. These eternal blooms will symbolize lasting love and admiration, making them a timeless gift for your loved one. Using these eternal blooms, you will send a message of lasting love and admiration to your special someone. It's a gift that will never go out of style and always remind your loved one of your affection.

Heart-Shaped Valentine’s Wreath

Creating a heart-shaped wreath is an easy way to add some Valentine's Day decor to your room. All you really need to make a heart-shaped wreath is a heart-shaped frame and some wire that you can bend into the desired shape. Making a wreath is an enjoyable do-it-yourself project. Floral glue, roses, and desired flowers (carnations or red, pink, or white roses work well) are needed to create a background for the flowers. Cut the flowers, leaving a piece of the stem if you want some greens to show. Attach the flowers to your wreath using floral adhesive and allow it to dry for a few hours.

Hanging Roses

Looking for an extra-creative way to use roses this Valentine's Day? Try hanging them upside down. A display of hanging roses provides an element of creativity and distinctiveness to surprise your lover. To implement this idea, all you need is some yarn or string, rose stems, and ribbons to decorate the string.

Try hanging the roses from the ceiling (using removable hooks to hold the yarn or rope) or from lighting fixtures. You could even hang flowers over your dining room table to set a romantic mood for dinner. The roses can be hung from their stems, or you can cut them closer to the petals.

Rose-Themed Wall Decor  

Creating a rose-themed wall background for Valentine's Day can be a beautiful and romantic way to set the mood. Choose a wall in a prominent location, such as the one behind a dining table, a couch, or in the bedroom.  Choose roses in colors that complement your room or the Valentine's Day theme. 

Attach roses over the wall using double-sided tape or adhesive hooks, creating a visually appealing and romantic texture. You can concentrate them in certain areas or spread them evenly across the background. You can also string roses together to form a garland. Hang the garland across the wall horizontally, vertically, or in a swooping pattern for added dimension. Consider using string lights to add a warm and cozy glow to the background.

Gifts To Assort With Roses For Valentine's Day

Eternal rose gift

Luxurious Perfume and Scented Candles: 

Make your present of roses even more special by pairing a luxurious perfume to make your loved one feel special. Additionally, you can add scented candles to create a romantic atmosphere, setting the mood for a cozy and romantic evening together. Choose fragranced candles that evoke intimacy and romance, like vanilla, sandalwood, or even the rose itself.

Bottle of Wine:

When it comes to creating a delightful experience, consider pairing your beautiful roses with a bottle of wine. It will add a fizzy and sparking touch to your celebration, making your time together feel extra special and joyful. When you open the bottle, you can make a toast together, sipping on the bubbly and enjoying the moment with your beautiful roses. 

Box of Jewelry with Preserved Flowers:

Give your special someone a lovely surprise by gifting them a pretty Valentine's Day gift box of elegant jewelry and preserved flowers. The shiny and elegant of jewelry, combined with the roses’ lasting beauty, becomes a perfect meaningful present.

Balloon Bouquet with Box of Roses:

You can make your gift even more lively by adding a bunch of colorful balloons with a box of roses. Balloons are like bursts of happiness, sure to make anyone smile. Pairing them with a box of roses creates an experience that includes everything from romance, happiness, and cheerfulness, to a party-like vibe.

These are some of the gift assortment ideas, but the options to experiment are endless!

Wrapping Up

Valentine's Day, a time dedicated to love and cherished moments, becomes even more special with thoughtful floral arrangements. From creating a beautiful Valentine's preserved roses centerpiece for a romantic meal to crafting a Valentine's Day gift box and stunning bouquet with forever roses, these ideas add a touch of romance to your day. Each idea is a simple yet heartwarming way to convey your lasting affection, making this day of love truly magical.

February 05, 2024 — Think Shaw