Flowers have an extraordinary way of speaking a universal language - expressing love and celebration without uttering a single word. And most prominently roses. They stand out among the flowers - roses have beautiful petal arrangements that represent the varied life facets and events of humans. That’s the reason we feel a strong bond with these gifts of nature. Well. one can find roses of different colors and sizes, however, one day these will disappear, and become a memory. But, if you wish to keep them with yourself or with the one you love and care for, the best option is preserved roses. These will stay for a long time, reminding of the feelings, and joy of the precious moments. Since they need minimal care, becomes the perfect gift that will show your strong emotions for the receiver. So, without wasting any time, let’s know how to get the perfect roses for your loved ones.

Consider the Occasion

Celebratory Events:

Anniversaries: Beyond symbolizing enduring love and passion, roses become the storytellers of a couple's journey. Each petal of these preserved flowers reflects years of shared memories, and a bouquet of red roses speaks of love's resilience, growth, and continued affection. The fragrance of these forever roses can transport the couple back to their wedding day, reminding them of the vows they made.

Birthdays: Roses, in vibrant shades of pink and yellow, don't just add a touch of joy; they paint a vivid picture of celebration. The pink roses represent the appreciation for the person's presence in your life, while the yellow ones express optimism and well-wishes for the year ahead. 

Baby’s Birth: White roses extend a warm welcome to the newborn, symbolizing purity, innocence, and the hope embodied by a new life. The forever roses also signify the parents' commitment to nurturing and protecting their child, setting the stage for a journey filled with love and grace.

Engagement: A bouquet of pink preserved flowers or roses carries a romantic narrative, like a beautifully handwritten love letter. It captures the essence of the moment when two souls decide to embark on a shared journey. The roses symbolize the promise of a future filled with love, trust, and commitment. Each rose is like a page in the story of their love.

Graduation: Roses become the vibrant ink that paints a picture of hard work, perseverance, and the bright future that awaits a graduate. Orange and yellow roses signify the journey's challenges and the success achieved. They are a testament to the graduate's determination and potential.

Close and Intimate Relations

Valentine's Day: 

Red roses, the universal symbol of love, convey emotions that words often struggle to capture. Each rose whispers sweet nothings and heartfelt promises. It's like reading a love letter, with every petal holding a piece of one's heart. The fragrance of these roses ignites the senses and kindles the flames of passion.

Mother's Day: 

Pink roses, tender and graceful, honor the irreplaceable role of mothers. They are a narrative of admiration, gratitude, and an unspoken "I love you." A bouquet of pink roses is like a handwritten note expressing the appreciation and love felt for the woman who has nurtured and supported us.

Father's Day: 

Deep-colored roses, such as dark red or purple, add strength and appreciation to the occasion. They embody the unsung heroes of fathers, standing as a testament to their sacrifices and unwavering support. Gifting these roses is like crafting a heartfelt letter of gratitude and admiration.

Somber Events


White roses, representing reverence, humility, and remembrance, offer solace to grieving hearts. They symbolize the departed soul's innocence, allowing those left behind to find comfort in the purity of their memories. Every white rose serves as a line in the elegy for the departed.

Get Well Soon: 

Yellow roses are like pages of a get-well-soon card, offering cheer and optimism. Their sunny disposition conveys heartfelt wishes for a swift recovery, acting as a ray of sunshine during difficult times. The fragrance uplifts spirits, just like a friendly note from a loved one.


When words fall short in expressing sincere remorse, offering a bouquet of roses fills the gap. It's like writing an apology letter that speaks volumes about your willingness to make amends. The act of gifting roses conveys the depth of your regret and the earnestness of your apology.

Know the Recipient's Preferences

Vibrant and Cheerful:

When the person you're gifting radiates positivity and dynamism, their floral match becomes a canvas of lively expressions. Opt for roses that mirror their vivacious aura, bursting with color like an upbeat melody. These vivid and bright roses aren't just flowers; they're a vibrant celebration, a joyful reflection of their zest for life. The choice to match their vivacity with such blooms is like composing a harmonious tune that syncs perfectly with their lively spirit.

Reserved and Elegant:

For those who exude a sense of poise and elegance, a luxury box roses in white or pastel embodies a different kind of beauty. These roses speak in gentle whispers, akin to a heartfelt sonnet. Their understated sophistication reflects a quiet grace and charm, perfectly mirroring the recipient's refined character. The selection of these roses isn't just about flowers; it's a thoughtful composition that symbolizes your understanding of their poised nature, making the gift an eloquent gesture.

Mix and Match

The Essence of Roses: 

Roses are the universal symbol of love and affection, making them an ideal choice for most occasions. Their enchanting fragrance, silky petals, and stunning colors convey messages of passion, appreciation, and admiration. Understanding the essence of roses is the first step toward creating a perfect arrangement.

Choose the Right Colors: 

The color of roses plays a significant role in conveying your emotions. Red roses symbolize love, while white roses represent purity and innocence. Yellow roses signify friendship and joy, and pink roses are perfect for expressing gratitude. Make sure to select the appropriate color or mix to match the occasion's sentiment.

Be Creative

Now, it's time to get creative! A well-balanced mix of different rose colors can add depth and character to your arrangement. Combine red and white roses for a romantic touch, or blend yellow and pink roses for a cheerful and harmonious vibe. The possibilities are endless, so let your imagination run wild.

By considering the occasion, understanding the recipient's preferences, and getting creative with colors and varieties, you can create timeless, heartfelt gestures that speak a universal language of love and celebration.

November 08, 2023 — Eternal Roses