At traditional florist shops, roses are usually kept in some sort of chemical solutions to keep them fresh and witling-free for at least 2-3 days. However, this method falls when it comes to enjoying their beauty for years. If this is what you need, then preserved roses become the norm!

Preservation allows you to take these unique keepsakes for an extended duration. Due to their long lifespan and natural look, these eternal flowers became trendy options for every occasion gifting. They become a symbol of elegance as people's appreciation for eco-friendly and long-lasting floral arrangements grows. They enable you to savor the beauty of nature's fleeting moments for an extended and meaningful duration.

What Are The Preserved Roses?

Preserved flowers have been kept for a long time rather than just drying out. 

Eternal flowers undergo a specific preservation procedure to retain their natural beauty and extend their lifespan. To ensure that the flowers maintain their shape, color, and texture for a longer time, the preservation procedure replaces the sap of the plant with a special solution.

How They Become Trendy in Gifting

Presenting someone with a bunch of flowers has always been a classic way to express feelings, whether it's love, respect, sympathy, or joy. Flowers are not left out when it comes to big moments like proposing!

Traditionally, people use fresh flowers for beautiful bouquets during proposals. The only hitch is that fresh flowers don't last very long, and you want your special moment to linger. That's where preserved flowers step in. For this reason, they are becoming trendy for proposals, events, or greetings as they can keep for up to 3 years.

Process of Preserving Roses 

Choosing Fresh Roses: Fresh flowers, especially in their optimum bloom state, are picked for preservation. Flowers with thicker petals tend to last longer. 

Trimming and Cleaning: The stems of the chosen roses are cut to the right length, and any extra leaves or thorns are removed.

Glycerin Solution: A mixture of water and glycerin is made. The amount of glycerin and water depends on the type of flower and how much they want to preserve it.

Dipping in Glycerin: The rose stems are put in containers filled with the glycerin solution. It's important to ensure the cut ends of the stems are under the solution.

Absorption: Over a few days or weeks, the roses dip in the glycerin. The glycerin replaces the natural water in the roses, keeping them looking fresh.

Air Drying: After soaking up the glycerin, the roses are taken out and left to air dry.

Adding Color: Ultimately, color is added to the roses. They can be dyed red, pink, golden, or even black, which will give them a long-lasting, stunning appearance.

How are preserved flowers different from dried flowers?

Long-Lasting Beauty:

Preserved flowers can persist for up to three years, whereas fresh flowers wilt and fade away in a few days. These long-lasting flowers can serve the memory of joyous occasions and unforgettable events if kept with the right care, which will preserve their vivid colors, soft petals, and fresh appearance.

Versatility of Preserved Flowers: There are a lot of possibilities for different events and tastes when it comes to preserved flowers because they are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Preserved flowers can be arranged to fit any aesthetic if you are looking for a bouquet and centerpiece. 

Novelty Gift Option:

Eternal flowers can be used for many different events and parties. They send messages of love and joy and leave a lasting impact, whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or just to show your love and appreciation.

Low Maintenance:

One of the best things about preserving flowers is that they don't need much care. Fresh flowers need to be watered, trimmed, and put in the sun every day. Whereas preserved flowers only need to be kept out of direct sunlight, extreme heat, and humidity. This makes them a great choice for people who don't know how to take care of plants or who are busy and want to enjoy the beauty of flowers.

Care Tips to Keep Preserved Flowers For a Long Time

Keep Them Indoors:

The longevity of preserved roses can be shortened by a variety of external factors. Some of these are dust, humidity, wind, variations in temperature, and even curious animals that might want to play with your eternal flowers. Because of this, keeping a preserved rose indoors is the best option for its upkeep.

Keep Roses Cool And Dry Place:

Certain areas in a house, such as the kitchen which tend to trap humidity and are warmer than other spaces. These are definitely not ideal places for preserved roses. Excessive humidity and heat can shorten any natural flower's lifespan, doesn’t matter fresh or preserved. Preserved roses made of organic elements should be kept away from places that increase their deterioration.

Don’t Expose to Direct Sunlight:

With the help of new technology, roses that have been kept change color again during the process. This happens after they soak up a special liquid that slowly replaces their water and sap. So, keep in mind that preserved roses can lose their color after being in full sunlight for a long time.

Avoid Contact With Water:

Even though preserved roses seem like fresh ones you cut, you can't put them in water. If you do, they can lose the special things that make them last a long time. So, no need to change the water in the vase to keep your preserved roses looking fantastic.

Do not crush, press, or fold petals:

Remember that eternal roses are real flowers, and some of the care tips for fresh flowers also work for preserved ones. If someone squishes, presses, or folds the petals of a preserved rose, it can lose its beauty or even break, just like what can happen with fresh flowers. So, treat them gently.

Clean With Dry, Cool Air:

One more important tip for looking after preserved roses is to keep them clean. Even though they can last up to 3 years, they can gather a bit of dust. The easiest way to clean them is by using a cool, dry stream of air every month.

December 05, 2023 — Eternal Roses