Valentine Day Gift

For centuries, Valentine’s Day has blossomed as the occasion for expressing affection and adoration through the beauty of roses. Over the years, offering a bouquet of roses as the ultimate symbol of love has retained its timeless dedication and beauty. Despite many accompaniments, from delectable dark chocolates to adorable cuddly toys, the mysterious charm of roses maintains its position as the leading symbol of romance.

But have you ever wondered why the association between Valentine’s Day and roses endures so resolutely? Beyond their fragrance and beauty, what is it about Valentine's Day roses that uniquely express our emotions for that special someone? 

Let's explore the rich symbolism of the rose, a flower that embodies love in its purest form, with its number of variants and colors delivering messages of appreciation, yearning, and passion.

The History of Rose

The tradition of giving roses on Valentine's Day has a rich history. The custom dates back to the Victorian era when people used floral bouquets as a way to send messages to their love interests. This practice, known as "floriography," established the rose as a symbol of romance. Roses have been cultivated for over 5,000 years, with their popularity growing during the Roman period. The red and white rose's association with Valentine's Day became widespread in the 19th century and has since become a timeless symbol of love and passion. Additionally, different colored roses convey different meanings, with red symbolizing passion, pink representing appreciation, yellow conveying friendship, and white implying innocence. This makes the red rose an enduring and ideal choice for expressing love on Valentine's Day.

Best Reasons to Give Your Valentine Rose

Valentine Rose

1. The Language of Love

Ever heard that flowers have their own language? Since the seventeenth century, people have been using flowers to send specific messages, creating what's known as "the language of flowers." There are lists of different colored roses with their own meanings, a tradition you can still embrace today. If words fail you in a card or poem, let your flower arrangement speak for you. 

2. An Evergreen Symbol of Love

What's more eco-friendly than a gift straight from nature? Valentine roses stand out as one of the most sustainable and planet-friendly presents. If your Valentine is passionate about the environment, picking roses over conventional gifts is a fantastic way to embrace a green choice while others lean towards pink and red.

3. Harbinger of Romance

Are you familiar with the concept of the five love languages? This theory suggests that everyone expresses and receives love differently. Some may feel most loved through words of affirmation, while others express love through touch or acts of service. One of these love languages is centered around gifts. For those who appreciate receiving gifts, it's about knowing their partner took the time to choose something special. Supporting a gift-loving partner can involve selecting an arrangement with their favorite color roses.

4. Heartfelt Tradition

Building traditions is a beautiful part of creating a family. If you and your Valentine are moving towards that future, why not kickstart an annual tradition this Valentine's Day? Sending a bouquet or arrangement every year can add excitement to this special day. Your tradition could be as simple as gifting Valentine's roses each year, or perhaps you prefer surprising your loved one with something entirely unique every Valentine's Day. 

5. Ephemeral Beauty, Lasting Affection

Does your romantic gesture need to be entirely unique to be meaningful? For centuries, lovers have chosen luxury box roses as gifts for their Valentines, embracing their inherent beauty and romantic symbolism. A floral arrangement can bring light and love to brighten up the gloomy weather. Roses are here to add beauty and spread joy, even if their bloom is fleeting. 

6. Long-Lasting Beauty

Roses are a timeless symbol of love and beauty. When preserved as "forever roses," they retain their elegance and vibrancy for an extended period, making them perfect for expressing lasting affection and appreciation. Their long-lasting nature allows them to serve as a meaningful token of gratitude and love.

Over time, roses have universally become symbols of affection and love. Sending a Valentine's Day arrangement is as simple and heartfelt as saying "I love you!" – a message that transcends any possibility of misunderstanding.

Meaning And Symbolism

Roses have become the perfect Valentine's Day gift due to their symbolism as the flower of love, expressing appreciation, longing, and desire. With a long history dating back over centuries and a rich cultural significance, valentine roses have endured as a timeless emblem of affection and devotion. The color and the number of blooms given convey heartfelt sentiments, such as "Be mine" and "I love you." From their origins in ancient China to their widespread cultivation today, roses continue to be a memorable and meaningful way to convey deep feelings of love and admiration on Valentine's Day.

What is so special about the color red?

The color red is special for its deep association with passion and love, a symbolism dating back to Greek mythology when the first white rose turned red from Aphrodite's blood, signaling love and affection. The physiological impact of red on our bodies, increasing blood pressure and heart rate, aligns with its representation of strong emotions. This symbolism has made roses a quintessential symbol of love and the flower of choice for Valentine's Day, with a dozen roses representing completeness and a gesture of enduring affection according to Victorian-era traditions. This rich history and cultural significance make the color red a potent symbol of love and passion.

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January 09, 2024 — Think Shaw